Thursday, June 7, 2007

this, i miss.

on the road this long,
i have to remember the color of his eyes
and put it with the sound of his voice on the phone.

the history of love, a quote

read this yesterday:

"yesterday i saw a man kicking a dog. i don't know what to call this, a place before tears."


week one, done

just wrapped the second of the fall tv spots.
back to back days of models and motion control
(which, no, evelyn,
models and motion control do not have anything to do with each other.
and it is not tantric.
although matt the tatt does look good in those mirrors, don't he?)

arni and kinski, the icelandic directors
(i love that word: icelandic
it's impossible to say out loud
without really using your whole mouth.
try it.
ice lan dic.
shut UP, evelyn.)
were the best,
seriously the most collaborative and inventive i've worked with.
there is something to be said with developing relationships with a team
of really talented people.

and the models were in top form, and nina was back again. . . sigh, j'adore.

and i say j'adore because she's french, so it's ok, that's why.

we even had another litter of pit puppies to match print,
but no,
i resisted this time and did not bring another one back to my hotel room.

it MIGHT have had something to do
with something tim said about "two is enough"
and "leaving" me. . .
but i like to think it was merely self restraint.

next week, print. and several lovely days in dark editing bays. whee.

of course, did take today down and lay by the pool.

so, no, i can't complain. . .

Monday, June 4, 2007

an aston addition

well oiled, that's what you are,
come on, and ride, in my muscle car.


here she is, kidlets.

gettin big, gettin personality.

sweet and smoky, our little one.

MTV movie awards whirl

so, l.a. now.

last night was the mtv movie awards.
as sponsors, old navy, you know, got to go, hang, eat free food, green room it, celeb watch.

recap, roughly:

cameron - tall and gorg. blonde again thank god.
jessica biel - just gorg. freakin gorg. would love to see the clash of those titans.
rihanna - lip sync lives
sara silverman - way cuter than expected, way funnier, too.
josh duhamel - tall. tall tall. tim tall.
fergie - yellow and black nails.
chris evans - shortish. cute. not cute like "damn", but cute.

sara and i took sam (the model man) with us as a last minute add,
and lemme tell you,
having a male model hang with you all night. . . not bad.
he even introduced me to paris,
which was incredibly random. and gotta admit, she's pretty damn sweet.
talked with her for twenty minutes
(cause i know how to keep a conversation going. that's how.)
and was surprised.
never checked her blackberry. never looked over my shoulder.

the whole old navy crew was over the moon having fun,
the show was great,
and i got to see posh spice and jessica alba trying to find something to talk about,
and failing miserably.

so win win, all around.