Friday, October 24, 2008

it's in the air, on the ground. change is everywhere i look these days -

life is starting 2 hum.

i like the tune.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

jaune means yellow, the poetry of a color, a first fall day of memories -

walking out in the early fall weather, feeling the advent of color beyond the san francisco green,
my girls, who pose so effortlessly for their papa,
and the smell of change in the air.

i love fall.

i love the transition it seems to demand.

it's time for a change.  soon. 

jaune means yellow. 
yellow means caution. 
caution means the light is about to turn.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the six chicest things about october (so far) -

as usual, in no particular order,
our monthly roundup of the chic,
the impractical,
and the gorgeous
curated by your dictator,
the landis.

1. dahlias
my mother planted these in her yard (yard being a euphemistic phrase for "backyard acreage on a mountainside")
when she moved to north carolina.  i had never seen them, and they seemed like explosions of architecture
and scent and vivid color, as they came in every single color you could imagine.
these, suddenly blooming, brought out a flood of both memory
and joy.
 2. the new chanel lookbook
because karl knows how to work a look.
and a leather logo shopping bag.
  3.  lunch at dolores park cafe, at the counter
every thursday, for a month.  join me and see.  i'll be at the counter.
  4.  vintage shot of marilyn, before "marilyn"
perhaps the advent of celebrity culture.  perhaps the demise of western culture.
lovely, nonetheless.
5. the favorite find from the milan furniture fair
it's flashy.  it's intimate.  it's perfect for me.
6.  victoria beckham's idea of "travel attire"
love her, loathe her, the woman is flawlessly consistent.  and dedicated.
the shoes alone deserve their own post.
god. she has my life.

Monday, October 20, 2008

i wish you could taste your screen right now -

at perbacco,
after a dinner with our friend patty divela,
after talking about others, ourselves, and then some more about ourselves,
we ordered this.

this, my lovelies is meringue.

it is perhaps the single most amazing substance on the planet,
short of cupcakes.

it is essentially sugar and . . . um . . . air . . . crunchy, soft sugar air.
you know, tim, or whiskeymarie would know how the hell you make it,
but let's just say it's incredible, and when you drizzle honey and huckleberries over it,
patty almost had to hand me a cigarette after.

that's all for today. 

i have to be alone now.