Saturday, December 5, 2009

MALIBU SUSAN (not barbie) -

drove up for one reason only.
not sun, not sand, not surf,

down for just a day from sf,
we met half way and ate and caught up . . .
just reminds us how much we miss our girls.
and how much a sunny day drive
can bring the important things back into focus for you.

like how much a high-end mall enhances reunions.
just a tip.

Friday, December 4, 2009

thanks for friends, and food, and eating outside -

so this is what an italian thanksgiving looks like.
serena invited tim and i her to her home on thanksgiving,
warning us that her large italian family would be cooking,
and that they didn't do traditional, but there would be plenty to eat.
veal lasagna anyone?  turkey, but grilled?  dear god.

jo and bic wasted no time piling their plates high,
and we retired to the outdoor living room to eat
around the fire.
did i mention it's november and we ate outside?

and dear thanksgiving gods,
there was much dessert as well.

i love how bic decorated the english trifle with a chocolate turkey,
"to make it more american".

Thursday, December 3, 2009

the holidays begin in west hollywoodland -

so, for the holiday start,
we imported family from houston.

which meant trudging through snow banks in the 72 degree weather
with the dogs,

there was breakfast at le pain quotidienne,
hot chocolate under the palm trees,
and grr underfoot . . .

along with some power walking . . .
and color co-ordination.

hey, never miss an opportunity to catch the color, babies.