Friday, March 27, 2009

advice from tiffany & co. -

(caption not required)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

a sister from boston and a brother from l.a. meet in the big apple, once their home -

woke up to a sunny, spotty morning:
but gathered my wits and headed to the mercer kitchen.
meeting a soul-mate:
my sister, lauren.
and, of course,
the champagne:
there's something comforting about the pale purple banquettes
and the light from above
that makes it a perfect place to launch the day.
and launch, and wander, we did:
up and down town,
the twosome roamed.
until they wandered down the little alley,
and found freeman's,
and a home:
perhaps it was the french 75's,
or the artichoke dip,
or the pork belly and cheese grits . . .
but we were
and as always,

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

by day three, cupcakes were in order . . .

i had figured out the art of mid-march new york
sales trip dressing:
and progressed to the fine art of
lunch dining:
where one can rely on conversation,
work histories unfolding,
and the duck and kale soup with acorn squash and cracklings:
but most of all,
the small unexpected
nyc surprises.
like stumbling into the new bakery,
sweet revenge:
and their
fresh raspberry studded red velvet cupcake
with cream cheese frosting:
katy called darota ahead of time
to reserve a table at the palace
for tea-time:
oh yes,
gossip girl fans.
all in all,
the street seemed to sum up the days

Monday, March 23, 2009

they came to get down, they came to get down, they came to get down, jump around -

day two,
katy on full steam ahead,
meetings and coffee shops
and sushi out with AnaLiza:
then walking back to hudson street
and a little hidden gem,
the sound lounge private thursday event:
check out the gams
as we waited to get buzzed in:
in the door,
up a few floors,
and we were mixing/mingling/and dancing:
the ntuh ntuh ntuh that kept us churning
was from the hands of one
ms. jenn johnson,
whom five minutes into speaking with,
was trying to convince me to move to nyc to be bffs:
not a bad offer.

last week, was new york. was katy. was soho house. was crazy . . .

my first sales trip.
flying to a city,
meeting your new rep on the east coast,
and pressing:
just chilly enough to throw on:
in order to meet katy dickson
(the lovely, the witty, the texan)
on the roof of the soho house,
by the pool:
i decided to kick back.  it was sixty,
the drinks were flowing,
and the people were arriving:
there was no time to :
people from saatchi, people from weiden, people from music houses,
people from l'oreal, people just standing around:
believe it or not,
this is how we meet/greet/and generate new projects.
i know.
i suck.
i win.