Saturday, December 1, 2007

let them eat cake. and diane.

out to panchita's #3 again, this time to celebrate susan's seventieth birthday.

tim got a little rambunctious with diane. but he just luvs pushin her buttons.

we were all so proud of susan being able to blow out the candle on her own.
brought a tear to my eye:

unfortunately, carrie and i had to help her eat. the cake. it was just too much for susan to handle on her own, dear thing:

Thursday, November 29, 2007

old navy "warm" for the holidays

the puppy in the old navy commercial is . . .

suprise. a baby blue pitt.

as you can see, the models were TERRIFIED of her.

(see also: avec ; old navy fall denim spot ; any chance i get to show these sweet amazing creatures as they really are without abuse and bad training ; love incarnate ; puppy faces ; grr, who started it all for me)

holiday spot week 1 - behind the scenes

little late getting this up. . . but a peek behind the first december spot.

old navy ornaments, on a modern xmas tree:

the loft i want to move into . . . someday . . . soon? please?

and yes, it's all a set, all fake. all chris and lena's magic:

the old navy "army" convenes on the sofa:

our heroes, blake kutcha and sam saffman:

and les demoiselles d'navy: florence faivre, natalia costa, tatyana danilchenko

oh yeah. and a peek of louboutin!

Monday, November 26, 2007

yet more reasons i will pine for china :

something fluffy for today's post, kidlets.
i'm feelin the need for fluff.

the design details around china are really pretty elevated.
from the shopping bags from joyce (joyce. sigh.):

to the club level art displays:

to the red junks still motoring in the harbor:

i kinda liked getting my laundry back, gift wrapped:

to actual shagreen door pulls:

oh, the endless floral displays. i mean, art.

to the endless finishes applied on each wall, but with great deliberation:

to perfect . . . hallways!

even the balustrades make you stop:

ah, my favorite. "terraced" limestone striped walls: