Thursday, May 13, 2010

arabesque of pit bull parts -


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

travels with tim -

tim is on the road quite a bit these days,
his new role at charlotte russe 
has him scrambling to relaunch and rebuild and redesign
their ecommerce,
their photography,
and other things that get handed to he and his team on a daily basis.
he loves it.
i miss him.
but when your partner is lit up with the challenge,
and electric with possibility,
there is joy in the knowledge of his growth.
so when he gets home,
you save your pennies
and have dinners out at places like cecconi's,
where you can sit outside,
and remember each other,


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

playing with color :

much of the learning curve in photography
has been the extreme ways you can adjust film
(well, digital imagery)
after you shoot it.
for example,
nearly a year after shooting them,
i found adding a vintage feel by dialing green into the lowlights
and softening the highlights with gold,
gave this shoot 
a whole new appeal:

and dialing a bit more blue into keifer grimm
gave him a slightly more menacing edge:

and that, basically,
even someone named Nero
can take a bit more black in the shadows:
most of these experiments are on skin tone,
but you can see the range,
and i promise,
i'll keep expanding.