Friday, October 31, 2008

AMNESIA RED - benjamin george's take

again, i find myself wanting to live in the world
our set photographer, benjamin george, sees us in:

who wouldn't?


Thursday, October 30, 2008

and now, making the second spot, with NATALIA COSTA and NANDA HEMPE -

in today's edition of "inside the director's studio",
the making of amnesia red - the hunger.

perhaps even smokier than the first spot.

begin with something simple.
kiss the window.

with stunner, natalia:

and her companion du jour,
elegant nanda:

digital extreme, the RED camera:

manual extreme, jo strettell applies amnesia red:

manacop and sara d were getting,
out of hand:

it was starting to affect our darling tad:

it was time to get out the hat.

at first,
people didn't know what to make of the hat:

but eventually,
everyone had to try its' magic powers:

do NOT question the power of the hat.

the hat

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


today, we drop into a conversation already in progress,
between some models,
a director,
and their intrepid adventures in commercial making:

hey, ingrid. you look hot.
what say we go find you a playmate?
and maybe make a spot for my reel
about . . . lipstick.

oh, hey. it's gabriel.

maybe we can convince him to join us

in our endeavor.

to make a commercial. about lipstick.

let me try first.

(what? i'm just standing here.)

(my kids were about to film their big scene.
and SO relaxed it kind of made me proud.)

i, on the other hand?
sweatin for 'em both . . .

but they were pros,
wallowing in paul cameron's lighting:

the opening in the can,
we moved to the "flashback".

(ok, that one above is gratuitous. you can thank me with cash.)

ari got the enviable job of applying the lip marks on everything from can to dog to . . .

i had obviously not thought that through so well.

oh well.

it was still hot enough
to make us all sweat a little.

this is a centerpiece of my reel.

this is a hint of things to come . . .

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Landis Smithers, the DIRECTOR, is the newest member of Supply and Demand productions-

have been for awhile,
member of the guild and all . . .

but have signed with an amazing production company in los angeles,
supply and demand.

i love these guys. worked with them for the past few years on and off,
and between their executive producer,
kira carstensen (read about her in other posts)
and the owner,
tim case,
(the man is hella sexy, hella crazy, and such a spitfire, we kind of feed off each other)
i feel like i'm in good hands.

great hands.

i'm heading deep into landis 3.0

and i couldn't
be happier.

there. no more cryptic stuff. it's out in the open. . .

well, most of it.


Monday, October 27, 2008

the recipe for a happy life (as i see it) -

i think if you put these two together,
you have the recipe for a happy life.

you have to believe that every day/moment
good or bad
is a once in a lifetime thing. 

no day but today, to quote "rent".

and the decision to live that day, or that life, or that second,
with joy and with glee,
for even the hard stuff adds up to something,
adds up to change,
adds up to a new life.

we are what we experience, what we are made of.

and this week,
i'll tell you why i am happier, each day, than a bird with a french fried