Saturday, July 12, 2008

i meet richard serra in the lobby -

when we were at two folsom
(pre the move to mission bay)
i loved the daily exposure to the fisher family art collection.
it was almost "blessing" your daily grind,
every day
on every floor.

but by far,
by FAR,
the most powerful and lovely of the pieces
is the enormous raw steel sculpture in the lobby.

richard serra molds space,
and with weight and texture,
with darkness and the feeling of time.

and the best part of this sculpture?

it is hollow. you can walk inside the tower,
and hear your voice echo up six stories.


glad i got a holler in last week.


Friday, July 11, 2008

all my friends are poseurs -

oh my.
how we love to strike a pose.

see, the pose you strike
says volumes about not just your ego,
but about how you're going to handle
what life tosses your way.

i like to think we choose "tough" and "chic".

and sometimes "fearlessly, shamelessly, ego-less".

(phillip and paul are going to KILL ME.)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

isaak has a birthday!

a moment of silly puppy goodness in the midst of everything else going down:

i eat my cupcakes just like my mommy!

(connie is going to KILL ME.)

jaune means yellow -

someone recently posted that they didn't like
or understand

poor thing.

you can't fear any particular color. one must embrace it.
wrap oneself up in it.
savor it.

see through it.

perhaps even taste it.

jaune is like everything scary in life.
you have to experience it
intensely, viscerally, with your guts,
and surround yourself with it
so the end,
it's another leap you have taken
and something else you have mastered.

i hope these pics help.

(serena and jo are going to KILL ME.)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

when life was a picnic -

the recent past can take on a glow . . .

what IS michael looking at?
probably whatever connie tackled a few minutes later . . .

these days were some seriously happy days.
surrounded by those i love,
and who made the working part so much,
not work.

gratitude for the sunny days.

gratitude for possibilities and the future.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

timmer in triptych -

tim drove grr and avec down to topanga
for "doggie boot camp"
(eight weeks. no girls. aaaargh!)
while i was in los angeles on this last production,
which gave us a whole ONE day together in the course of three weeks.

luckily, we know how to "divide" our time apart with little bits of each other.

(and in the past week, this man has been a ROCK.
you know, the kind you cling to
when you start overthinking things and go
"what the hell have i just done??"
and they just laugh and tell you to relax.
and you do.
cause they "get you" even when other don't.

that's the real definition of love, my friends.)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Landis Smithers has left the building (meaning OLD NAVY) -

after three and a half years,
three brand presidents,
two and a half ceos,
but one killer / amazing / beloved experience,
i have left old navy.

i leave a team that i built and watched grow exponentially
and that i love
they, i will miss the most.

needless to say, i am breathing,
taking in the fact that i have a LIFE for the first time in ages,
and in the middle of figuring out career 3.0.

this is going to mean:
breathing more
blogging more
writing more
and actually seeing my dogs once in awhile.

all while exploring something new,
that i think i'm going to love.

this week is merely a . . . tribute to recent events
that led to this change
in this one life.

more soon, kidlets.

love y'all for keeping up . . .