Wednesday, May 28, 2008

behind the mtv shoot - split screens

the day,
in slices:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the mtv shoot - bring the drama

day two.
on stage at the old theatre, vancouver.

and the people who make it all so
(powerful, beautiful, smooth, efficient)

todd barket.
for his exuberant energy,
endless humor,
and ability to lift us up, even in the midst of turmoil:

richard christiansen and sara fisher.
for the vision, the patience, the inspiration,
and the friendship they bring every day.

paul norman.
for teaching me about this world.
for holding my hand through the bumps.
for making it work:

connie bang.
THE connie bang.
what else is there to say?
she makes it real. by bringing the realness:

ms. nina keita.
our official muse:

betania, for her eye for beauty,
her quiet power,
and constant support:

and for the endless glamour (tongue firmly planted in cheek) of the long long days:

and for my main supporter,
tim johnson,
my rock and inspirer,
who takes vacation time
to see me

the mtv shoot - the trophy girls gone wild

my girls!
my girls are beautiful creatures,
inside and out!
their smiles are infectious,
their gams are endless,
and their spirits are so vivid . . .
i know, gotta hate em and wanna embrace em all at once.

sveta, nina keita, some randomly devastating male model (yes, in a fur. he's butch enough to pull it off), sarah ruba, todd barket, marilia barocco:

gotta splash in the right shoes, makes all the difference.

gawd! that nina smile!

that sarah laugh!

i seriously LOVE this directing thing:

the mtv shoot - little things

i love the little details of a shoot.
richard's embroidering a neruda poem on the linens to add romance to a room . . .

the local color.

the tattoo parlor on the second floor of the building where we shot.
they were NOT happy.

craft service tables. and their random detritus:

and all the random reactions in a day: