"It’s very difficult to explain how much difference having Cooper and Audrey makes to this thing. A million reasons to live, and two that make it acceptable to die. I want to be there to love and support them in their crazy dreams and endevours, cook with them, catch waves, take long aimless walks, laugh at the silly and the serious, look at galleries and museums and mountains and answer all questions to no matter how repetitive, absurd, or difficult. I really, really want to be there. But I know without me it will still happen. I know that Sasha is the most wonderful man I have ever met. And I’m pretty bloody picky. He is the best father. Ever. And that with the support of all of our friends and family there will always be someone to teach Audrey to surf or Cooper to fly fish, who will pull them in line when they’re being obnoxious, and help with their teenage fashion and romance dramas (probably in that order of importance) it’s inevitable.
So I can die knowing I’ve been a part of making two remarkable people who will grow up to be astonishing.
Not that I’m planning on taking that route, but it does make me calmer somehow.
liz passed away this week,
in the company of her mother and her husband.

i think the last post she made on her blog says all one can about her.

i found the pic of them i remembered last week.

it's how they'll remain for me,