Friday, October 23, 2009

the circle of life. well, my planned circle of life.

this ain't no lion king.
(answer key at the end of post)
purchasing A:

to supplement my arsenal will lead to more shots inspired by B:

which will lead to assignments from C:

to shoot more of these (D):

and ultimately get the attention of E:

to shoot the work of these (F):

and land my work in G:

so i can buy something like H:

and fill it with I:

while doing my very own work,
akin to J:

now set all that to some bernie taupin tune and we're good.
plus, i cleared more stuff off my desktop, so double plus good.
oh, answer key:
A) leica X1
B) the artwork of ryan mcginley, fashion's current darling
C) fashion editors at the paris shows
D) cream of the crop models on the burberry prorsum runway (eerily divine)
E) anna dello russo (fashion editrice of vogue nippon)
F) the olsens. rather stellar designers.  and fashion darlings.  and new CFDA members.
H) idealized image of a dream home
I) ideal rick owens furniture to fill idealized dream home
J) personal work that inspires only me.
high note, denoument, and curtain.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

oh dear lord. was that an embolism or a coronary?

'cause my heart just stopped for a second.
"Fashion folk have a thing for Tilda Swinton, and finally Swinton is in a fashion-driven film.
“Io sono l’amore” (“I Am Love”), due in theaters this spring, is coproduced by Silvia Venturini Fendi and stars Swinton as a well-heeled woman of Russian descent who marries into a wealthy and powerful Italian clan. (This being Swinton, everything is not as it seems. Her character ends up in a steamy affair that has tragic repercussions for the family.) Costume designer Maria A. Cannarozzi dressed Swinton exclusively in Jil Sander dresses, suits and coats in rich hues to help set the tone. “This is a woman who marries into a very particular milieu, a very strict world, and she needs a uniform,” said Swinton after showing the film at Soho House on Friday."

-via WWD

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i endorse and adore : OKI-NI

in full disclosure,
i was made an ambassador for this site recently
because of my relentless stalking/browsing/recommending/fawning over them.
the internets for the menses is not an easy place.
you are stuck with american online retailers
(assorted watered down preppy/basics)
that continually trumpet the same four items
(god save us from the "classic with a twist".  they don't know what the hell that is. ever.)
or it's the aging gay man's bad lycra tee shirt hell.
so when i found OKI-NI a few years ago,
(you can click on it to visit.  now or later.  probably later after you read more of this post.)
i was a bit dumbfounded.
it was like some cool kids got together from tokyo, london, and l.a.
and threw together their best tees, denim, trainers, watches,
and then asked linda farrow to donate some shades,
rick owens some leathers,
and raf simons some neoprene.
i have sent my gay friends,
my straight friends,
and even the ones in between to the site,
and every one has loved it.
once they made me an "ambassador",
i realized they're kind of grass roots, laid back, and genuinely cool.
here's my latest picks from the site.
should you want to know what an ambassador would wear:

and I KNOW.
how cute is their house model?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pretty things worth posting (october edition) -

this is honestly also becoming the fall back posting title for
"cleaning all the random stuff i pulled down off the web off my cluttered desk top so i can find shit again"
you'll see what i mean in a second.
ok, to start,
why i am probably never going to mingle well with the masses when it comes to choosing clothing.
also known as "i never seem to agree on the "hit or miss" polls on people online's site".
(god that's a lot of quotation marks)
(i'm sorry mrs. murphey.  i know how much of a stickler you are for punctuation.)
(although i gave up caps years ago, so relax, woman.)
i digress.
people magazine online put up this picture of UMA in LANVIN.
i think that is an instant "hit".
it's like TILDA in HAIDER.
so i hit "hit".

75% of people online readers DISAGREED.
i had to stop reading.
although i did hit the "hit" button like forty more times to try and up her status.
stupid people online.
(i mean that both ways.)
i love type.
they make me feel calm,
like its all going to be ok, in the end.
as long as it's set nicely.

see?  fine.
fine men.
oh yeah.
ashley, i love this picture of you,
but i am pissed that you haven't called or anything in like,
ok, weeks.
call me, bitch.
(i have new boots.)

oh, lookie!
i got new (old) boots!

ooh, and who doesn't want to be "married well divorced better cavorting around single in my couture wardrobe generally being fabulous got my own comme des garcons perfume just cause they like me plus i have a sense of humor about myself and i get to pose in french vogue" daphne guiness?

stop.  love her mainly cause she laughs about her own life.
and then throws on fur and heads out the door.
aren't we glad that fabien baron is back heading up INTERVIEW?

another richard haines moment,
from recent shows,
how he saw carine roitfeld AND anna wintour,
in a few sleek, spare, hainesian lines:

you are welcome to start using it.
the next is a screen grab from facebook
that i affectionately call
"wishful thinking, landis"

yeah.  his brother hijacked his status.
(i knew it, but for a moment . . . no.  not even I am that delusional.)
and this,
this just says
"REALLY? how much more painful can this get? how much further does the mold have to set in before the FDA, the EPA, and the CFDA step in and just shut it down?"

Monday, October 19, 2009


ok, the title of the post is a bit lame,
but for fun,
and because you never know how people google your blog,
these are the people i've decided i want to
1) go to dinner at lucques with . . .
2) get in front of my lens, naked, with one piece of vintage dries . . .
3) learn from.
first up,
brian kenny,
an artist and illustrator,
whose subversive, sexual, agressive art
makes me sit up and smile every time.

his partner, slava mogutin, is a personal fave on the photography front,
but finding brian's blog and art was like stumbling into someone's
head . . . and i liked the inner space.
check him out here:
next would have to be everyone's favorite "fat" model,
lara stone.
she's gotten tons of press because she's a great model,
but she's also not stick thin.
sadly, get this,
she's a size FOUR, and thinks she's too heavy.
i want to meet her,
photograph her,
and feed her some of tim's turducken as a celebration.
she's love it.

come on,
girl is gorgeous.
leigh lezark,
of the band the misshapes.
not for the music.
but for the fact that she is a TRUE fashion hanger-on.
she's everywhere,
for no reason.
but she always looks amazing.
love it, want it, need it.

only in fashion can you be famous,
and rightly so,
for simply knowing how to have style.
it's so NOT . . . american.
and i mean this one,
i want to meet nicola formichetti.
he's a stylist.
he's perhaps THE stylist.
and he does this kind of thing:

i just want to hear the stories.
vanessa traina.
because her mother is danielle steele.
because that doesn't doom her to a life of romance novels.
it seems to doom her to a life of going to fashion shows and looking like this doing it:

this was the photo heard round the world at the paris shows,
when tommy ton (the blogger of jack n jil) posted this as his ultimate fashion moment,
wearing the givenchy crown to the show.
seriously, making me sweat a little with envy.
cause you know how i feel about crowns.
and eye make up.
and the name vanessa.
no list would be right,
or fair and balanced, to quote fox news,
without anna dello russo.
the fashion director of japanese vogue
(vogue nippon)
she is a fucking fashion maelstrom.
she is a fashion time space continuum.
she wears every day what women dream of wearing their whole lives.

these were her DAY LOOKS.
i want to pet her.
softly, like a little squirrel.
then i want to raid her closet for a crown.
she HAS to have one in there somewhere,
she brought THREE pairs of those stupid cherry ysl platforms for fashion week,
and those things are collectors items.
got a little light headed there.
and of course,
this man.
i gotta know this man someday.
he seems too smart for all of it,
and too much in love with it at the same time.
and i love that.

and if you don't know who that is,
well my pretties,
you haven't been doing your homework now, have you?