Friday, July 4, 2008

a quick lesson in "resort" dressing. not to be confused with "ranch dressing"-

i'm distracting you with pretty pictures. it's something i do well.

there's this new season that is now pretty much acknowledged as a full force in the fashion schedule. whether because of the advent of global warming (wildfires in the west, flooding in the midwest, heat then cold then heat everywhere at any given moment) or the advent of travel opening up to the whole world (what do you wear in abu dhabi one day and istrian coast the next?) and what travels well?

well, fall is becoming more seasonless, spring is adding in layers, and resort is no longer for socialites on the go to the beach in winter, it's a lab for fashion to play, and it seeds new looks for the next season.

here, just one example. ysl for men, resort 08. dreamy!

um, yeah.

i'll take it all.

right now, i deserve it.

(ok, deserve is a strong word. DEMAND IT. there, that feels about right . . . )

Thursday, July 3, 2008

victoria beckham and the strange case of mistaken identity -

so apparently,
connie thought i had purchased a rather large
yet wildly chic

i had to inform her that, no,
this picture was not of me,
but of victoria beckham.

(posh spice. catch up, people . . . )

now i can see how the poor thing was confused.

we both like a slimming dark silhouette and flattering side lighting:

we both tend to shy away from the papparazzi.
but not really:

and we both have that shock of lovely platinum hair:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

the 6 chicest things about JUNE :

1. belief in the power of manifestation:

2. floral tattoos on men (this from milan, a bit overdone, a bit JCE - just chic enough) :

3. the return of the ankle sock (all over the milan shows, in all colors. practical, meet stylish):

4. I LIKE MY STYLE DOT NET. a site where you can upload your style, and others can comment. not arbitrary street photography (though lovely), real people and a range of style :

5. kate moss. attending a friend's wedding. and crushing her. (check the boyfriend and the kid. talk about overkill on the chic-ness. baby, you destroy me.) :

6. being shot (in one random frame) by nathaniel goldberg in a "trout blue" kharman ghia:

stay tuned for next month's installment.
the hunt continues.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Landis Smithers, a "two for one" day:

please to note
i made TWO fashion blogs yesterday.
TWO, people.

first, lead picture on the new site,
kind of a sartorialist, but for the little (real) people:

and (holy grail)
quote of the day

read it.

Monday, June 30, 2008

how blog friends sometimes hit the nail on the head -

i read "retail recovery" religiously.

it's this great site where you get to listen to an insightful editrice wax poetic about all things style related, then pose a bit of a brain twister at the end. it's a monologue and a puzzle all in one. and so much more rewarding than "what are you wearing today?" posts, because it actually often roots out the roots of why you do what you do.

self analysis can be fun, kids!

this post struck particularly, wistfully, close to home today:

DEFLATED (click here to read)

it sums up something for me.
and it HELPED.

thanks, editrice. you rock.