Monday, June 30, 2008

how blog friends sometimes hit the nail on the head -

i read "retail recovery" religiously.

it's this great site where you get to listen to an insightful editrice wax poetic about all things style related, then pose a bit of a brain twister at the end. it's a monologue and a puzzle all in one. and so much more rewarding than "what are you wearing today?" posts, because it actually often roots out the roots of why you do what you do.

self analysis can be fun, kids!

this post struck particularly, wistfully, close to home today:

DEFLATED (click here to read)

it sums up something for me.
and it HELPED.

thanks, editrice. you rock.


editor said...

are you effin kidding me??
you post this sweet vulnerable picture of yourself, then this still-totally-beyond-vague post, and still nothing?!
listen, please, i'm sitting here with a headache from the new bosche oven and its leaking gas smell that the gas company's guy did not detect with his magic clicker; a headache from the scratches that the delivery/installation guys made all over the wood floor (the gas company's guy did detect and comment on those!); a headache from the bill for 5 new appliances; i'm losing track, that's what, 3 headaches now? and i'm quite sure that i'm developing a little worried-about-landis headache too, while i'm at it.
either come over and convince me that the marks are barely noticeable, or else stay there and convince me that things are at least under control at your end, before this kidlet succumbs to the maybe-they're-there, maybe-they're-not fumes....

editor said...

sorry, i also meant to say thank you for such a very generous review, and thank you for getting my sister to read my blog - this is a direct quote from her (notice the quote marks): "i always read your blog to see what that landis guy wrote in the comments."

editor said...

shoot me now - no "e" in bosch.

landis smithers said...

boeshche, boshe, porshe, porshay,
it's all fronch to me.

i've just figured out a way to develop a loyal readership.


editor said...

okay, now i'm cursing.
in english!

editor said...

paris you say? people, i'm not nuts, he said so, in a comment on another blog ;)
you give them a big old double cheek wet one (technically 2 then, no?) for me there, while i'll be dragged to ghirardelli sq. by my sentimental taller half - something about a hot fudge sundae from his youth.

editor said...

ps as for loyal readership, i don't need gimmicks. proof: i could have sworn that early on, when i first discovered your blog, you had this great profile comment about not liking other people's children. that endeared me to you right away. am i confusing you with someone else? hey, do you know what HIS blog address is?

landis smithers said...

actually that sounds exactly like me.

and if it's not me, it's someone i'd like too.

but thanks for the "no gimmicks" stroke.

editor said...

this is bugging me now. i think it's "endeared you to me" not "me to you." i'm getting tired. it's 12:03AM after all.
you are him, and we can not like them together. other people's kids. though, i suppose in the larger sense, you're someone else's kid, and you're okay. yikes, a loophole. pesky things.
whatever. tired, and gassy (please refer here to my earlier complaint re. the new appliances!!!!). going to bed.
sweet dreams you.
(ps, you need to come clean, and soon - i haven't forgotten. you have not distracted me.)

Carrie D said...

the landis has been brushing up on his languages i see.

i may be forced to start guessing about the disappointed but relieved train.

and you know i am a good guesser.

really, now. how many things could it actually BE? hmmm? not many.

landis smithers said...


lord. carrie d is now officially:

1) not allowed to look behind the curtain.


2) not allowed to guess.

that would ruin the reveal. if there is a reveal. or crucial timing that has to be respected because of stuff. important stuff.

remember. no 1. and no 2.

editor said...

(whispers)pssst, carrie d, over here. down here.
i know, i don't think we're talking about socks here either. i'd put my money on it being either about or
, but his is a possibility too.