Saturday, November 17, 2007

i endorse and adore : this epic love -

can't you see why he's my hero?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i endorse and adore: tom porter -

tom kindly pointed out to me that he, too, came to visit in september, and for some reason did not make the blog.

this is wrong.

tom has been a friend forever and a day,
he's sweet as his golden retriever (fee, take note, you made the blog in referential form),
and a real catch.

tom came to sf to meet up with a girl from vietnam he met on internet and began long-distance dating.

however, i prefer to think that tom came to sf in order to spend quality time with tim and landis and avec and grr.

so the whole point of the post.

have no idea how said date went/is going. if any of you are interested, please forward all pics/witty commentary/offers to tom. not me. i am not

the november playlist -

my friends have been bugging me to start sharing my music with them. something about always having great songs on my ipod and never sharing them, blah blah blah . . .

and look! a blog with which to do it! how convenient!

i'm starting simple. this is the list of artists from the old navy commercials for this year:

believer - the rogue traders

watching you - the rogue traders

world go round - the rogue traders

diva denim:
blue alert - madeline peyroux

fair isle sweaters:
the way i am - ingrid michaelson

and a tease for the holiday season, we've locked in :
stars - the weepies

(i CAN NOT tell you how much i recommend going to itunes NOW
and downloading every album the weepies have done.
i found them through mandy moore.

don't mock. i am a huge fan of mandy moore, always have been.
i bought HER playlist off of itunes, and the weepies were on it.

since then, every person who has followed my lead has loved them,
worshiped them,
and thanked me profusely with gifts. you'll see.)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

eerie, right?

i'm just sayin.
alexi lubomirski shoots me (as a favor) on the denim shoot this june. white jeans. gray tee.

months later . . .

see, i rejected that pose. too expected. too "cover model"

it is SO HARD being a unique individual in today's world. (sigh.)

i endorse and adore : work friends like these

evelyn lee, my partner in crime, who makes the marketing department hum,
and john wight, who keeps us on strategy, on point, and aligned with everyone ELSE.

james tagliani, who keeps us on budget. creatively. inventively. brilliantly.

michael cape, our fearless marketing leader.

todd barket, my right hand.

and, no wonder we're getting cooler talent around old navy.
david ard and sylvette sawyers, ladies and gentlemen, our new recruiters.

i'd come work for them if they asked.

Monday, November 12, 2007

avec update:

bad landis.

no update yesterday, sorry kidlets.

she is home from the hospital, sniffling and on a ton of antibiotics, cuddling like mad with her daddy, tim, and leaving snotty messes all over, well, everything.

and i? i am on another shoot in los angeles all week, balanced between regret at not being able to hug hard on my little one, and relief and not being snotted all over.

apparently grr won't even get near her because every time avec sneezes, grr freaks and bolts for the other room.

(it was an oddly well timed shoot, in some ways.)

i endorse and adore: the people who make my world work -

everyone probably gets how much it takes to pull together a television campaign (mainly because i ramble/bitch about it so often on here), and while it's a perfect mix of long hours (6 am call times to 10 pm wrap), complicated lighting, tons of rules and tons of random elements, there are key people who make it all happen. without them, i'm pretty much just making stuff up in my head.

this last round, holiday, we relied on the boys, arni and kinski (stephan and siggi), the icelandic directing duo who have led us through this year, helping craft what old navy is becoming:

there is chris doyle, the near legendary dp (the crew worshiped him before he even hit the set, they couldn't stop talking about him), who guides the light and angles of the film, sometimes carrying the camera for hours on his own back to get the shot:

the amazing ellen and annique, our executive producers, who, even while starting up their new production company, were on set EVERY DAY, making sure the engine hummed, that there were no bumps, and that seven spots were shot in five days. dreams, they are dreams:

eddie shacknow, our television and print stylist, who makes fashion truly WORK. he even recrafts clothing to make it stand up on it's own when we need it to:

our beloved richard christiansen and sara fisher, of chandelier, the design agency who bring the art direction to another level, and bring things we've never even seen before to life every week:

ms. jo strettell, queen of make-up, but more mind reader/image inducer. she takes sara and my broad stroke notes for a season, and develops a plan that spans multiple set ups, models, and thoughts. our girls and boys look flawless under her hand:

and the elusive to the camera ms. connie bang. she may avoid film like the plague (i have no idea, she is beyond lovely), but she is my literal dream-weaver. if i even blink, she is there, interpreting, creating, negotiating . . . bringing it all together in a warm embrace. i can't even think of what we'd do without our beautiful bang:

scope and scale -

a literal overview of the holiday shoot:

Sunday, November 11, 2007

i endorse and adore : richard christiansen

so, if you are lucky in life, you get to work with people who "get" you.

i am lucky in this way,
particularly when it comes to richard christiansen.

he runs Chandelier, this amazing creative design hive/group,
and they help bring my vision, well, to life, over and over again.

for the past two years, he's helped me breathe life back into this brand,
and he just gets me, what i need, what i'm seeing in my sometimes random head,
but he's also warm, and funny, and gets along with everyone,
evelyn and tim both adore him,
AND he puts up with my dogs, whom i think frighten the living shit out of him.

which, you know, means he's A-OK in my book.

if you're lucky in life, you get to work with richard christiansen.