Monday, November 12, 2007

i endorse and adore: the people who make my world work -

everyone probably gets how much it takes to pull together a television campaign (mainly because i ramble/bitch about it so often on here), and while it's a perfect mix of long hours (6 am call times to 10 pm wrap), complicated lighting, tons of rules and tons of random elements, there are key people who make it all happen. without them, i'm pretty much just making stuff up in my head.

this last round, holiday, we relied on the boys, arni and kinski (stephan and siggi), the icelandic directing duo who have led us through this year, helping craft what old navy is becoming:

there is chris doyle, the near legendary dp (the crew worshiped him before he even hit the set, they couldn't stop talking about him), who guides the light and angles of the film, sometimes carrying the camera for hours on his own back to get the shot:

the amazing ellen and annique, our executive producers, who, even while starting up their new production company, were on set EVERY DAY, making sure the engine hummed, that there were no bumps, and that seven spots were shot in five days. dreams, they are dreams:

eddie shacknow, our television and print stylist, who makes fashion truly WORK. he even recrafts clothing to make it stand up on it's own when we need it to:

our beloved richard christiansen and sara fisher, of chandelier, the design agency who bring the art direction to another level, and bring things we've never even seen before to life every week:

ms. jo strettell, queen of make-up, but more mind reader/image inducer. she takes sara and my broad stroke notes for a season, and develops a plan that spans multiple set ups, models, and thoughts. our girls and boys look flawless under her hand:

and the elusive to the camera ms. connie bang. she may avoid film like the plague (i have no idea, she is beyond lovely), but she is my literal dream-weaver. if i even blink, she is there, interpreting, creating, negotiating . . . bringing it all together in a warm embrace. i can't even think of what we'd do without our beautiful bang:


i am playing outside said...

tell me, do your commercials air up here in Canada, or do i need to watch the American channels for them?

Stacy said...

Once again, I love these posts!

Even just reading about and seeing the photos of these creative people gets me all fired up to get out there, take more photographs and shoot more videos.

Thanks for inspiring me.

TravelGretta said...

I love how completely appreciative you are!

And I hope everyone has the opportunity to read your blog, and revel in the warm fuzzies.

Anonymous said...

which of your roster of lovely commercials did doyle shoot?
I worship him like the rest of the world :)

landis smithers said...


no, seriously, i adore this man.

he shot the bikini spot, the denim and sweaters, and the whole holiday package, which just started.

he is such a wonderful PERSON, and such a gifted man behind the lens, yo u just want to pack him up and take him with you.