Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i endorse and adore : work friends like these

evelyn lee, my partner in crime, who makes the marketing department hum,
and john wight, who keeps us on strategy, on point, and aligned with everyone ELSE.

james tagliani, who keeps us on budget. creatively. inventively. brilliantly.

michael cape, our fearless marketing leader.

todd barket, my right hand.

and, no wonder we're getting cooler talent around old navy.
david ard and sylvette sawyers, ladies and gentlemen, our new recruiters.

i'd come work for them if they asked.


editor said...

so you're giving a lot of thanks early.
do you let them know irl how much you appreciate them all? send them a link or something?

landis smithers said...

i do indeed,
thanks have to be shared to have any impact, and i'm a big believer in acknowledgement.

i send them all email titled
"you've been blogged, bitches"

Evelyn said...

and we give thanks to the authors of this blog who can make a girl smile through endless pictures and rainy days. much love to landis and the timster who spread joy and blogs everyday...

editor said...

"you've been blogged, bitches"

oh joy