Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i endorse and adore: tom porter -

tom kindly pointed out to me that he, too, came to visit in september, and for some reason did not make the blog.

this is wrong.

tom has been a friend forever and a day,
he's sweet as his golden retriever (fee, take note, you made the blog in referential form),
and a real catch.

tom came to sf to meet up with a girl from vietnam he met on internet and began long-distance dating.

however, i prefer to think that tom came to sf in order to spend quality time with tim and landis and avec and grr.

so the whole point of the post.

have no idea how said date went/is going. if any of you are interested, please forward all pics/witty commentary/offers to tom. not me. i am not


TravelGretta said...

Did you forward him my post about "Slutty in Vietnam"?

Suze said...

Tom's a cutie. That being said, I think Tom's not quite ready to commit. Dating long distance to a girl from Vietnam? I think relationships are a little bit more successful if they're in at least the same country. But Tom's a cutie. Did I say that already?

Michael said...

I can't get past the barware! What wouldn't taste better served in that? Same question applies to Tom, now that I think of it, but that's another comment.

i am playing outside said...

Tom IS a cutie. Too bad I'm gay and taken. I wish him all the best with whoever.

Thomas said...

more of a yellow lab really.

fee can be found at: