Sunday, November 11, 2007

i endorse and adore : richard christiansen

so, if you are lucky in life, you get to work with people who "get" you.

i am lucky in this way,
particularly when it comes to richard christiansen.

he runs Chandelier, this amazing creative design hive/group,
and they help bring my vision, well, to life, over and over again.

for the past two years, he's helped me breathe life back into this brand,
and he just gets me, what i need, what i'm seeing in my sometimes random head,
but he's also warm, and funny, and gets along with everyone,
evelyn and tim both adore him,
AND he puts up with my dogs, whom i think frighten the living shit out of him.

which, you know, means he's A-OK in my book.

if you're lucky in life, you get to work with richard christiansen.


Alice Olive said...

Ha - I love that you think your dogs "scare the living shit out of him". Beautiful stuff!

But seriously, it is great to work with someone who gets you. Certainly makes life less complicated.

TravelGretta said...

Yes, yes, Richard-Schmichard - HOW IS AVEC DOING???

But Richard is very cute, and you are SO right about working with people who get you.