Saturday, November 10, 2007

we all know what matters:

it's just hard to get the reminders. so here's what i know matters:

puppy kisses.

the way avec presses her head against your shoulder when she needs you.

a warm place when it's raining.

ice cream sandwiches.

someone to hold your hand when you're freaking out.

someone to tell you she's going to be ok.

avec has pneumonia. we caught it in time.
she's a healthy strong dog, just needs a stay in the icu (fluids, antibiotics, rest).
she'll be back home with us monday.

thanks for every good piece of energy you guys sent our way.


Gervy said...

Poor Avec. Hope she get's better quickly. She is very lucky to have such good daddies.

i am playing outside said...

what a cute dog... i'm very glad to hear that she will be ok :)

TravelGretta said...

Oh NO! I didn't have time to check Flogs until now (yep, Flogs = Friend's Blogs - you love it).

BIG HUGS TO AVEC, and virtual pieces of bacon and chewy shoes for her.

Anonymous said...

Eek - I too haven't had blog-checking time for a while - I'm so sorry to hear about Avec being sick. I'll add on some more bacon pieces and send good vibes for a speedy recovery.

I never knew, until we got Belle 3 years ago, how deep and intense being a doggie parent is. The love is beyond anything. Dogs are the most sentient, pure-love beings on the planet - if you ask my humble opinion. After any kind of day, that chin on your shoulder reminds you what's important.

Since I'm here - beautiful trip to China! Wow. You know I was loving THAT pool! Ok, I liked the art and fashion too....but...THE POOL?

Ok, I miss Bi-Rite soo much. Would you believe we have a photo of the storefront on our fridge up here in ole' Portland? :)

Anonymous said...

I always cried when I to leave my little buddy overnight at the vets because he was sick. I know how you're feeling.

Big hugs to you and Avec!!

editor said...

what are you doing? puppy pictures?? i'll cry. i'm so glad the prognosis is so strong, otherwise, giving us worry AND puppy pictures is just irresponsible.

Stacy said...

Cashius, Kevyn and I are all sending Avec much love and good energy!

freakgirl said...

Oh, sweet puppy.

I love your photos.

landis smithers said...

big hugs back to all of you.
it's been such a gift to find so many new "bliends" out here.

tim is picking up avec as i type,
so all your thoughts must have worked.