Saturday, November 10, 2007

rain, rain

little avec went into the hospital today. chest infection, awful cough, runny nose . . . all could have lead to pneumonia . . . pneumonia = terrifying bad.

she's on an overnight, liquid drip and passing out and all.

cross your fingers. it was a cold and wet day here.


Anonymous said...

Poor baby. Good thoughts coming from me!

Carrie D said...

fingers very, very crossed. i'll be thinking of you all.

i am playing outside said...

hugs for avec ... more of those cute footprints are needed

editor said...

oh i remember when my muffin head had to stay at the vets for 3 nights with a drip. sitting in the little visitation room with her during the afternoon. i'm sorry. keep us posted and let us know when she's back home, bouncing around.