Tuesday, November 6, 2007

emergence (travel changes landis) -

i will say this for extended travel.

it expands your head, forces you out of your comfort zone, makes you re-assess.

doing alot of that this week.


editor said...

that can be a nuisance.
last trip i took, i felt "homesick" for the place i had visited, when i got home.
are you reassessing the absence of a rooftop pool in your daily life

TravelGretta said...

Isn't it great?!

Stacy said...

Two great shots.

Would love to hear more of that thought process...

landis smithers said...

editor - i am oddly "homesick" for hong kong, i think it resurfaced my love of large cities, and stirred it around how much i miss the bustle and hum of a creative, mixed up, BIG culture. it can be sleepy here in san fran.

tgret - si. it is great. it forced tim and i to rethink alot of our plans, and forced us to focus on us. both of them good, and at times tricky things to absorb/process.

stacy - i think i saw my future. tim knows he saw his. you can imagine how that stirs worlds up.

all good, kids. just all "interesting".

i am playing outside said...

i am a huge fan of the fact that you are looking into Originality Square. sadly, the square is empty. not good. i'm glad that at least you were there to promote a cause as important as originality.

editor said...

oh boy landis, i feel for you. i'm a little allergic to sleepy, and i'm a total homebody. i don't take advantage of 1/10 of what is nearby, just love having the hustle and everything around me.
have you ever lived (worked, rested, etc.) in a large (big, busy, beautiful, aggressive) city?

editor said...

and about tim's future? is he going to take all of us back to hong kong?

landis smithers said...

iapo - yep, i LOVED that the communist party named it originality. although, they are also the ones funding the whole thing, and there was NO censorship on any of the art i saw . . . pretty impressive, especially considering the scale and the fact that our government doesn't do anything close to it.

editor - i was born in nyc, lived as a child in london, ny, houston . . . most recently chicago until here in sf. so i am the original "big city" boy.

and tim? i hope he drags us all wherever he goes.