Friday, August 15, 2008

that's what landis said (quartre) -

i dress to define.

technically, not dressed above, but that's the point.

we start every day a canvas.

not quite blank (unless it's been a REALLY good night),
but certainly open to whatever we want to express to the world.
every layer is a statement,
every statement has an opportunity
for punctuation.

i used to follow the rule of THREE items make an outfit.
not pants/shirt type things,
but a jacket, a key belt, a scarf, done.
a sweater, gloves, and a riding boot.
a wool cap, a fur coat, and sweatpants (it worked, trust me.)
three statements formed a vision.

now, i just go with what i know works, but always with the intent of a definition for the day.


powerful. confident. strong.

see? three again.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

the house if full of life, again -

guess who's back from camp?

aaaaand, already they are "over" me:

overly indulgent long video of your pups asleep?


sneaking suspicion they are faking being "tired"
because you can't stop playing with them?


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

RE - grouping : isadora chesler at foreign cinema

one of the great gifts of having some time down,
is the time to plan,
and enjoy,
having a life.

i hadn't realized how much i'd let slip.

that i'm rekindling over phone lines
after years of neglect.

with people we adore.

and brunch,
one sunday,
with ms. isadora chesler,
and her lovely partner,
at our favorite local spot,
foreign cinema:

you begin to wonder
"how did i let these things slip so far out of focus"?

and realize
"people are awfully kind to let me back in"!

RE-grouping : dinner at chez spencer

one july night,
dinner in the mission at chez spencer,
a rendezvous
with french 75's ( gin/champagne/lemon juice),
stuffed duck,
james tagliani
and a suspiciously attractive ms. evelyn lee . . .

RE-grouping : dinner at anchor and hope

what more could a boy ask for
in a post-birthday, birthday meal?
dinner at anchor and hope,
attempted shoe theft,
(lanvin trainers, pour moi? evie you know me too well . . .)
and once again,
todd and i

RE-grouping : dinner at TWO

celebrating todd barket's bday
( 28. and a half.)
at TWO.
presents, desserts all around,
and once again,

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

what landis wore : the french countryside

ever since i've joined the new site,
i've become even more aware of what i wear day to day
rather than just event dressing.

i know. like i needed this.

i am a great packer. this trip challenged me a bit,
since after vilars, tim and i were heading to paris for a week.

country. then paris.

here's how i survived the first part:

(jil sander canvas trench. lacoste vintage weave polo.
lanvin wool and silk athletic pants. lanvin trainers.)

(lacoste big gator polo. levi's capital E jeans. mcqueen for puma trainers.)

(ric owens denim jacket. michael bastian angel wing polo. gap 1969 khakis.)

(american apparel thermal. philip lim belt. gap 1969 chinos. mcqueen for puma trainers.)

(jil sander trench. j.crew cardigan. hermes scarf. gap 1969 chinos. mcqueen trainers.)

(acne tank. tomas maier swimsuit.)

(jil sander cropped blazer. james perse button down. levi's capital E jeans. lanvin trainers.)

i think i MIGHT have a "thing" for navy.

what landis wore : the paris edition

i was only there four days.
but i packed for it, babies:

(lacoste anniversary polo, lanvin sweatpants, lanvin trainers)

(jil sander blazer, acne jeans, mcqueen for puma trainers)

(ric owens jean jacket, james perse button down, vince sweats, lanvin trainers)

(james perse button down, gap 1969 denim - tailored by vitalina, and lanvin trainers)

Monday, August 11, 2008

paris street fashion: women's edition

consider this my
"in between living the experience of paris"
homage to the sartorialist.

i give you the chicest women of paris,
some of whom never even knew we were there:

paris street fashion : men's edition -

the "men's edition"
be a little more robust than the ladies'.

i have an astute eye, though.
click on any pic you like, the details in the larger versions are good.

like the pink helmet and the ink on his chest, with espadrilles:

like my friend peter kempe,
whom i met on,
in his purple trousers.

we literally "crossed paths":

my favorite:

on bikes:

on bikes (!):

no, wait.
my favorite:

no, wait.

an artistic bent:

and some boyish glee: