Friday, August 15, 2008

that's what landis said (quartre) -

i dress to define.

technically, not dressed above, but that's the point.

we start every day a canvas.

not quite blank (unless it's been a REALLY good night),
but certainly open to whatever we want to express to the world.
every layer is a statement,
every statement has an opportunity
for punctuation.

i used to follow the rule of THREE items make an outfit.
not pants/shirt type things,
but a jacket, a key belt, a scarf, done.
a sweater, gloves, and a riding boot.
a wool cap, a fur coat, and sweatpants (it worked, trust me.)
three statements formed a vision.

now, i just go with what i know works, but always with the intent of a definition for the day.


powerful. confident. strong.

see? three again.


Anonymous said...

perhaps 3 is a magic number for balance. i am happiest if i have no fewer and no more than 3 colors on.

Gretta said...

Oh it's been too long since I've woken up with a totally blank canvas.