Saturday, September 29, 2007

sleeping dogs

they just break your heart . . .

september skies

from our bedroom window

on the drive home

Friday, September 28, 2007

an ode to gretchen:

shall i compare her to a summer's day?

hell no. she would SO not like this. girl is even unsure about it when i call her eva longoria.

she is my new "bliend" (a term i lay no claim to, she made it up, i didn't. has something to do with the fact that we've never ACTUALLY met, but we read each other's blogs alot, both seem to like the exact same things, including type of cheese and bottega sandals, and she makes me laugh out loud, sometimes annoying those around me, on an almost daily basis.)


so i owe gretchen the following posts based on a tease that i left on her blog, then never got around to putting up, largely because, well, i was tired and a little lazy and couldn't find that cord thing that goes in the camera and moves the digital pics to the laptop.

remedied that, and voila, the following posts.

1. retail weakness
2. retail panic
3. there is no three, but it would have been great if there was, because i could have called it "retail redemption".

there. you are now roughly caught up in the odd drama that is my friendship with gretchen (
who dedicates whole posts to me
(click here. now. click it click it click it.)
in which she refers to me as a cupcake.

and you all know how well i resist flattery.

gray patent leather? PERFECTLY PRACTICAL.

so. i might have accidentally fallen in the new barney's and been unable to get up until someone handed me this gorg gray patent leather tote with the linen lining i had just caught out of the corner of my eye while ripping past the derek lam bags to make it to the elevators.

and it MIGHT have followed me home.

(see, gretchen? damage. serious. retail. damage.)

lanvin is the devil.

Why did I think I could "just try on" the men's lanvin fall collection?


Don't I deserve happiness?

In the form of plum cashmere jersey sweatpants
and grosgrain trimmed gray flannel jackets with bronze little zippers that say "lanvin"?

sadly, these did not follow me home,
but rather stayed in the clutches of those mean people at barney's in los angeles.

if any of you see them wandering the floor looking for me
(and by "them" i mean the clothes, not the salespeople)
kindly give them my address.

thanks ever so much.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

sit on my face, steinbeck. and a naked lady.

graphics i'm loving right now.

brut rose @ AOC

i find that a little Billecart Salmon goes a long way to calming the nerves when one is in a foreign land. and i'm in los angeles. don't get much more foreign than that, kiddos.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

ma soeur

i am proud that people used to think we were twins. which we are not. though it would have come in handy many many times, particularly if we could do that thing where we had our own mildly amusing sitcom that parlayed itself into millions and millions of dollars and our own licensing deals/overpriced jersey dresses.

if only she would shave her head. . .

Monday, September 24, 2007

the fair isle crew

the campaign is out . . . here are some fond memories from set . . .

nina, some ridiculously hot guy, and ruslana . . .

blake. you know. no need to explain.


define: diva

ms. lynn yaeger.

ms. carolina herrera

ms. anna wintour

ms. vreeland famously said: elegance is refusal.

these women show that truly: elegance is survival.

my moon, my man . . .

it's like that feist song:

"My moon, my man's a changeable land
Such a loveable land to me
My care, my co-lead barber I know
There's nowhere to go but on"

is there any wonder i orbit him?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

i heart narciso. i want to be sasha.

the narciso rodriguez show showed that clothing can be beautiful, intelligent, AND sexy:

of course, you could put a gunnysack on sasha pivovarova and it would be gorg:

we love our boys

seriously. does it get any better than dinner out with shayne and damon?

ok, it doesn't hurt that they know how to color co-ordinate with us.

they're like family. and they like our family.

they're kinda hot.

and hell yeah . . . they make us laugh.