Sunday, September 23, 2007

i heart narciso. i want to be sasha.

the narciso rodriguez show showed that clothing can be beautiful, intelligent, AND sexy:

of course, you could put a gunnysack on sasha pivovarova and it would be gorg:


TravelGretta said...

Must. Have. Ivory. Dress.

Alice Olive said...

I heart Narciso too.

I realised one of my dreams when I invested in a few of his pieces - the cut is so beautiful and simple.

Even if I'm not Sasha, or indeed any of the beautiful people, every time I wear a piece of his, I feel fabulous and people always comment. I consider those returns on my investment!

Desmondine said...

I love Sasha too. She's so cool and seems to have such depth to her. I wonder whether she minded when Jonathan van Meter transcribed her accent in the Vogue interview?

landis said...

probably. transcribed accents are always a mistake. like the concept that black is always slimming.