Saturday, September 15, 2007

how raf simons does color -

whether at jil or his own label, the man . . . is the new.

lauren and her "partner" stephanie

i learned once again the power of words this week when my sister and her business partner steph visited us for the weekend. they were working on their latest line (a jewelry line called adorn) with their manufacturer here in the bay area, and were staying with tim and i.

we took them into old navy to meet the crew and see the inner workings, from product development to my team working on holiday marketing to evelyn's department polishing up the print images for october. . . the front to back. they were surprised to see us working in three seasons at once until i pointed out that they were selling, designing, and buying all at the same time. . .

anyhoo. i was introducing them as "my sister, lauren, and her partner, stephanie". you see where this is going.

all i know is that there were some VERY disappointed people in our department when they figured out they were really truly just friends. not even friends with benefits.

(however, from this picture, you can see where they MIGHT have gotten the wrong idea.)

we ate our way through the city. from foreign cinema the first night. . .

to the glory of the tartine bakery. morning buns! bread pudding with fresh fuji apples!

to the long wait at house of nanking for lunch before shopping.
(calamari with chili oil! mushrooms with ground pepper and sea salt and fresh basil!)

we tackled the city hard as they were only here for two full days.
but come join us sometime, we sure know how to pack it in!

Friday, September 14, 2007

the boys of spring -

see the theme?

the new boys seem to be prettier/longer haired/more fem than years past.

my career should really take off now. . .

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ok, see, if I were a woman (carine v. zoe) . . .

and i knew carine roitfeld was going to be in town, dressing flawlessly as she always does . . .

i, personally, would not show up at the shows wearing this. with the matching bag. and lip.

nor would i do this.

but then, i would not wear this, ever.

you are basically one wind-machine away from a stevie nicks video here.
or a half block from the trannies doing their best rachel zoe impersonations.

oh rachel zoe.

let's hope she didn't even know carine was in town.

proenza smackmyass -

for the accessories from the proenza schouler spring 08 line alone . . .
i envy every woman alive.

(i believe we have established my penchant for such things in a previous post.
something about club kids . . . )

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

my clubkid is showing . . . (thom browne is the devil, again.)

ok, ok, ok.

i know. i shouldn't. but here's where my past as a club kid just makes me love the runway.

i can so see myself wearing this into an old navy meeting. just for effect.

(maybe not so much the first one. that may be just for home. . . )

one random walk.

Monday, September 10, 2007

pooch latch -

some sunny sunday san fran afternoon.

did i mention the shoe? (thom browne is the devil, continued . . .)

cause every rose has it's THOMS (browne variety).

and every foot needs a little something extra, right?

THREE SIMPLE NEEDS (thom browne is the devil) -

three looks i MUST own from the thom browne spring 08 line.

and yes, i can make all three work.

day/evening/office. that's how.