Friday, August 14, 2009

the most recent reason why i will not be allowed to be content with things as they are, even though i should be, i know, but sue me, but only after you look at this:

how is anyone supposed to be happy with their life?
for sale, now:
i keep making a list of drawbacks:
the bathroom might be drafty. 
the three stories are a lot of stairs . . . fuck.  there's an elevator.
the views are . . . unobstructed.  but . . . high.
there's a lot of clock faces?
oh, wait.
it's on the market for 25 million.
there we go. 
dream crushed.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

behind the scenes at Lanvin -

visit my sibling site today
for a look behind the lanvin curtain:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

editing remotely with gail gilbert -

my lovely friend gail gilbert,
the editor in chicago,
has been helping me with a little dialog spot i shot with 
our friends brandon and emily recently.
gail cut my very first spot ever,
and went on to become a fast friend.
she was almodovar's assistant when she started,
she brings a lovely rhythm to her film work.
and new tech. 
we did all the collaboration through ichat and final cut. 
looks a little something like this:
even if she was conveniently never on screen.
that one.

Monday, August 10, 2009

a classic GRR moment -

she's the dog 
for whom cuddling is at best, on her terms. 
meaning, when she is ready, 
when she decided YOU need it, 
but mostly, 
in the way she wants.
so she will kiss you and play with you and chase you and sit on you,
but doesn't really like being held down.
and NO, it doesn't sound familiar.  so shut up.
like, i'm cleaning up a couple of months ago while unpacking,
 and sit down to close my eyes for a minute. 
and wake up to this:
on my foot.  her way.