Friday, November 14, 2008

waiting on brazilian models, we found TOYS -

it's brazil.

they don't all show up on time.

it's a fact.

ya gotta entertain yourself somehow . . .

Thursday, November 13, 2008

november 4th, 2008. when everything shifted. a brazilian perspective.

i stayed up til four in the morning watching cnn.

watching with my breath held and my browser refreshing and my heart beating.

until he stood before the crowd in grant park,
where my beloved julie jenkins stood in the crowd,
and spoke.

and suddenly my friend keith's halloween costume
was not only inventive,
but somehow intensely personal.

and elizabeth peyton's portrait of michele obama and her daughter
took on new modernity,
new relevance,
new predictive power.

and i was on my feet,
like that crowd in my hometown,
cheering alone in a hotel room half a world away
from the future
being made.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

do brazilian models like my husband? let's ask them in person . . .

so we are barely on the ground one day in b.a.
when we're back on the plane and off to sao paulo.

casting can't wait,
and you have to hit the hotspots, mes petites.

but upon landing around 11,
michael and i decided a stop at la figuera,
the restaurant in sao paulo with the enormous and ancient fig tree dominating the entire space,

we were HUNGRY.

and there they were,
our agency clients . . .  cari, amanda and hillary.

so, a few shots, and some steak later . . .

michael and i were fully recharged.
and ready to pose again for the cameras.

now where were those models . . .

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

what's a "location scout"?

it's heading out into the city,
following a trusty guide,
and looking at places like a guitar building school,
located in an old horse stable
in the recoleta,
to see if it will work.

work if you re-imagine it,
work if you re-cast it,
work if your inner eye can see where actors and designers
and lighting and energy
can converge

into something new,
something different,
something where it's not "the material, but the builder"
that brings the life.

Monday, November 10, 2008

the new adventure begins . . . NOW.

i didn't quite see it coming,
but i booked a gig in the middle of everything else going on
(more on that later)
that has taken me south.

south as in

now you know how i LOVE this place,
so this job is a dream.

it's a beauty shoot,
it's in sud amerique,
and it's been overwhelmingly "me" from concept to team.

i mean,
on the flight down . . .

i am seated next to leanne,
a friend from l.a. and producer who JUST HAPPENS TO BE PRODUCING THE SAME WEEK.

very ingrid bergman.
very ambien induced "sleeping together":

but don't be fooled into thinking it's all glamour.
this is the "international arrivals" terminal in b.a.

it's a little calcutta.
but to end up back at the film planet offices,
perched over the grapevines in the old converted stables:

with my adored,
inimitable producer,
mr. michael manacop . . .

i was a slightly post transcontinental flight
LUCKY boy.

i feel a new dynamic deux comin on  . . .