Saturday, July 7, 2007

no fireworks, just food. . .

ok, seriously, who needs fireworks and crowds and grass under your ass, when you've got these friends, tim's food, and cupcakes?

cupcakes, people, they're the "it" food right now.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

more reasons to love bottega 08

ok. the last one is a reason to love male models, not so much bottega. but still. . .

natural habitat

how to spot a "landis" in his natural environment:

1) look for distictively marked bags. if any say "barney's", the landis is in overdrive.

2) though urban in nature, a landis may also appear at flea markets, but only near urban centers.

3) beware end of season sales. and pre-season trunk shows. and anytime in-between.

and remember. never, NEVER approach a landis mid-transaction. you could lose a finger.


(freddy visits. puppies seriously concerned about daddy's priorities. news at eleven.)

truly. . .

is there anything in life that a woven suede and alligator intrecciato bag can't cure?

too bad we have to wait for spring. and by "we", i mean me.