Saturday, February 2, 2008

new york city, mercer street style -

end of january, new york city light on the plaza. meanwhile, i'm downtown . . .

at the mercer hotel. where everything seems so much more . . . right.

maybe it's finding connie and kira waiting for you every morning to take you to the edit house.

maybe it's the violet leather chairs?

or sara in the afternoon?

i think i just kept smiling because for one whole week,
"home" was so chic and so perfectly serene.

all it needed was a pair of pit bulls,
and a tim under the magical chandelier. . .

Friday, February 1, 2008

the New Old Navy launch party, chelsea -

relaunching a brand is a big deal. takes tons of time. and, well, a really good party.

after a year of "building the bridge", michael cape and dawn robertson, my fearless leaders, decided it was time to pull the trigger, and announce the new old navy to the press, and, like the cast of gossip girl and heroes. seriously. hayden panettiere, blake lively, chace crawford, kristen bell ( i made her act with a puppet two years ago. figured i owed her a drink.) with natascha bettingfield performing, and d.j. am spinning.

so there we were at the eyebeam gallery in chelsea, dominating the night, more or less.
guess all it takes is a ton of great film and some video screens.

please to note: connie and i were going for the glamour. after all, you've all seen us in FAR too many tee shirts on this blog. we do clean up ok:

we three kings. queens. well, technically, both.
ultimately, we're the triad that makes the pretty happen on most levels:

ah, here i am with sheryl clark, our head merchant, and john wight, our vehicle god. long story. not involving actual vehicles. moving on . . .

beautiful kira:

NOT my new husband. giles, the maestro of the "behind the scenes" videos.
though, from the pic, not a bad back-up:

one of my favorite pics of us. we all look lucid. and kinda cute:

here's natascha on stage:

ah, lovely sarah ruba. seein double. of herself:

man, by the end of the night, everyone's dogs were barkin'.

naturally, we ended up in the lobby of the mercer at three a.m.
ordering food and sitting on the floor . . .

and yeah, these came OFF.

an artist's rendition of my night.
i know. what's with the claw?
i don't know either. whatever. party rocked. he was jealous.

see, now i'm thinkin i need to trim my nails. like four feet.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

like a sargent painting. like a liebowitz photo.

madame (x) regal.

and ms. aloof.

(talk about working against type . . .)

this post is for my friend, the editrice, in her time of sorrow.
if i can offer you anything
it is that you brought love into a little soul's life,
and were rewarded in return.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my thanks to "opening ceremony" -

so, Opening Ceremony, the store, makes these very sweet chukka boots, but in vivid colored suede, or patent, or whatever hits their fancy. i resisted, then i gave in to yellow:

they have some unexpected side effects, though. be careful.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

redheads : the return -

some random myspace cute thing:

the ever freakishly chic jessica joffe. one wishes banana had shot her like this:

and wyatt. we gotta find a way to use this boy:

i may be a teensy bit obsessive about them.


and look, our judith bedard!
the redhead from the denim commercial who introduced us to avec,
she's walking the couture . . .

gaultier never looked so chic.