Saturday, February 16, 2008

the old navy episodes : the urban explorer commercial pt. 2

ok. so i know you're all about to get dressed for the next scene, but here's how it's gonna break down. yamila is trying on outfits, nina and sara are helping her pick the one that looks best, there's a camera, a pillowfight, then some prison sequences . . . no, wait, that's a different movie.

o. . . k. looks like eddie is ready to get going.

there's yamila, flawless in black:

nina keita :

paul norman and the "delicate flower", rita moraes:

no, no, paul. everything is fine. i'm just trying to shove my fist in my mouth. again.

the girls were getting in their characters by now. moving

though it was only the third scene, we could all feel it starting to click.

(and remember, you can see it all, including lookbook and cast and music,

Friday, February 15, 2008

the song in the february old navy commercial is:

"february air" by this little girl:

her name is lights
(one word. like iman. or madonna. or landis.)

i found her on myspace, and have LOVED her music for almost a year. finally had a chance to use her, and so she's the "voice" of the episodes for the next four commercials/long forms. it was great how her songs matched our stories. . . perfectly.

and she's a freakin delight. so gifted, writing and performing all her own stuff. . .

another find, i'm sharing with you.

(and remember, you can see it all, including lookbook and cast and music,

Thursday, February 14, 2008

if you want to see the new old navy commercial . . .

you can visit our new microsite:

lemme know what you think . . .

the old navy episodes : the urban explorer commercial pt. 1

happy heartbeat day, peeps.

we're launching our new spring campaign today, so along with the print comes a whole new way to play with old navy. we shot the campaign episodically this time, with long form stories (call them mini-movies, call them movielets, call them episodes, cause that's what i call them) that you'll see in pieces on television, and in long form at . go ahead, click through, i'll wait.

done? good. here's how it looked behind the scenes day one, putting our urban explorer, sara ruba, through her paces, and introducing her love interest, sebastian raura.

and hey, props to the design team in product. for some this pretty smokin little red safari suit. very bianca jagger meets halston meets ysl:

add in a killer location, with paul norman getting everything in place:

ah, eddie. keeping the outfits in place and in order, and on the right GIRLS:

here i am . . . um . . . helping . . . um . . . sara pose. or some . . . thing.

connie had to give me an adjustment after that:

ah, sara's eyes.

the first day was . . . electric. so new for everyone.

even darius, playing with camera RED for the first time:

the final shot of day one:

it was exhausting, amazing, and set the course for the rest of the shoot.
we shot twice as much footage as we normally did,
we moved twice as fast,
and shooting digital allowed us to see it all HD as it ran.

and having a storyline, characters, motivation, and pretty chic clothing . . .
so much better.

and did you pick up on the "red" thing going on? no?
you might wanna go back and re-read then.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

tomorrow, tomorrow!

the new campaign launches tomorrow . . .

honestly, i can't wait. even though we just finished it, what, yesterday?

i feel like a little red-headed orphan, just ready to belt it out for my daddy warbucks.

(you know, that sounded so much LESS sick in my head than it did when i typed it.)

(oh well. andrea mcardle will understand it.)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

old navy spring print shoot -

our new line is called "urban explorer", so where better to go
than los angeles
with jenny gage and tom betterton
(the photographic dynamic duo),
and a whole new crew of models. . .

start with a blank canvas:

a few painted floors and prouve inspired brazilian chairs later . . .

did i mention how fresh the "new" girls were? they were fresh :

(richard christiansen and todd barket, both with ford)

add the new bag line:

a brand blue staircase:

and a killer blue wall. day one, done:

i endorse and adore: the old navy print crew -

i love shooting print. so much free-er (it's a word. as of now.) than film, and in some ways much harder, because you only get one frame to tell the whole story, and none of the technical tricks of editing, music, etc to help carry the day. so thanks are well deserved for the whole team. there's jenny gage and tom betterton, the photographers, who shot their pants off for two days to get every variation on the theme . . .

even when we ran into bumps, we worked through them.
(girls, relax. . .)

you know these guys. richard christiansen and todd barket. and landis smithers. on the right. that's me.

ah, ashley. the ever chic ashley furnival. if i were a girl, i would dress like ash.
or simply steal all her looks. and her hair. and the smile.

sarah. that smile, too. mine.

ah! trevor! we all have a baby crush on trevor. cause he's cute. and funny. AND. . .

he fixes things! like broken heels.

and how could ANY of it happen without emily roth? our shoot producer, our rock.
(check the rag & bone dress. and the boots. and the hair. damn.)

and LENA KUFNER! the set stylist who will one day have carte blanche with my home, mainly because i keep threatening to MOVE INTO our sets since she showed up.


the bang. connie bang.

AND, they all have nice asses.

and that makes everything more fun.