Thursday, February 14, 2008

the old navy episodes : the urban explorer commercial pt. 1

happy heartbeat day, peeps.

we're launching our new spring campaign today, so along with the print comes a whole new way to play with old navy. we shot the campaign episodically this time, with long form stories (call them mini-movies, call them movielets, call them episodes, cause that's what i call them) that you'll see in pieces on television, and in long form at . go ahead, click through, i'll wait.

done? good. here's how it looked behind the scenes day one, putting our urban explorer, sara ruba, through her paces, and introducing her love interest, sebastian raura.

and hey, props to the design team in product. for some this pretty smokin little red safari suit. very bianca jagger meets halston meets ysl:

add in a killer location, with paul norman getting everything in place:

ah, eddie. keeping the outfits in place and in order, and on the right GIRLS:

here i am . . . um . . . helping . . . um . . . sara pose. or some . . . thing.

connie had to give me an adjustment after that:

ah, sara's eyes.

the first day was . . . electric. so new for everyone.

even darius, playing with camera RED for the first time:

the final shot of day one:

it was exhausting, amazing, and set the course for the rest of the shoot.
we shot twice as much footage as we normally did,
we moved twice as fast,
and shooting digital allowed us to see it all HD as it ran.

and having a storyline, characters, motivation, and pretty chic clothing . . .
so much better.

and did you pick up on the "red" thing going on? no?
you might wanna go back and re-read then.

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TravelGretta said...

I'm finding some motivation with Sebastian.