Sunday, February 10, 2008

i endorse and adore: the old navy print crew -

i love shooting print. so much free-er (it's a word. as of now.) than film, and in some ways much harder, because you only get one frame to tell the whole story, and none of the technical tricks of editing, music, etc to help carry the day. so thanks are well deserved for the whole team. there's jenny gage and tom betterton, the photographers, who shot their pants off for two days to get every variation on the theme . . .

even when we ran into bumps, we worked through them.
(girls, relax. . .)

you know these guys. richard christiansen and todd barket. and landis smithers. on the right. that's me.

ah, ashley. the ever chic ashley furnival. if i were a girl, i would dress like ash.
or simply steal all her looks. and her hair. and the smile.

sarah. that smile, too. mine.

ah! trevor! we all have a baby crush on trevor. cause he's cute. and funny. AND. . .

he fixes things! like broken heels.

and how could ANY of it happen without emily roth? our shoot producer, our rock.
(check the rag & bone dress. and the boots. and the hair. damn.)

and LENA KUFNER! the set stylist who will one day have carte blanche with my home, mainly because i keep threatening to MOVE INTO our sets since she showed up.


the bang. connie bang.

AND, they all have nice asses.

and that makes everything more fun.


i am playing outside said...

i can see why you would want Lena to design your home... especially if that wall of nice asses gets included in the design ;)

editor said...

okay, where to begin.
a. i'm thankful that you use a pop-up window for comments so i can still see the stuff and remember what i wanted to say, especially when you treat us with so many images.

trevor is the best - a guy who can use power tools to fix shoes. perfection!
emily looks very cute!
lena saves me! beautiful AND wears comfortable shoes. hallelujah for lena!

Anonymous said...

Landis: I want your job for Christmas. Thanks!

Ken said...

Thanks for using the Weepies' "Stars" in the Old Navy holiday ads. Just wish I could hear Deb Talan's voice a little more! Any chance this remix might be released commercially?

In case you don't have them, be sure to download these artist-approved Weepies live recordings here:

I recorded the "Live in Ohio" show.



landis smithers said...

there will be much more of her voice in the next few spots, hang in there, we're in heavy sale season, so not much chance to hear her.

no plan to release the remixes, yet. gimme time. and THANKS for the live recording hints!

i LOVE these guys.

Whiskeymarie said...

I don't work with anyone this attractive. Well, except me, that is.

The closest thing to a fashionista at my job is the lady in admin who wears dresses EVERY DAY that look suspiciously like castoff "mother of the bride" dresses.

Iheartfashion said...

Does Connie always look great? Just asking...she's one stylish woman!

TravelGretta said...

When is 'Take TravelGretta to work' day?