Friday, September 19, 2008

vertigo -

i stepped out on the roof,
just to feel a bit more alone, to breathe,
i had such a taste of things to come.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

street fashion : new york from behind -

from top to bottom:

1.   no.  dear god, no.  dear sweet katy perry NO.
2.   nice.  love the keds.
3.   love the new use of plaid.  love the hair.
4.   aaaaand, jennifer aniston's dog.  on a walk.  guy had to tell me.  i just thought it was cute when it sat on my foot at the corner.

semaphores and the city -


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a quick trip to the city. remembering the lights and the sun -

a few quick days in nyc.

coming in is always like coming home,
i feel like i am small again, that my mother is near, that my grandparents are setting up the tree at gracie terrace, that i can run through the sprinklers at carl schultz park.

that i am small again.

this few days was full of things. 
finishing things.  starting things.
and things like sun on my face, heavy and hot,
crossing canal street,

and flowers from friends,
who always seem to remember:

looking back on this time,
of others, and myself,
will be important.

Monday, September 15, 2008


just found out, i made the guild. 
i am one of the newest members of the director's guild of america!
moi, little 'ol me, the landis!

not surprisingly,
i love this directing thing.

it speaks to every part of my personality.

the "looking down on people" part of my personality:

the "can you see things my way?" side of my personality:

the "let me ask you nicely" side of me:

the "i only care about appearances" side of my personality:

the "let's try it in slow motion like they do in the credits of law and order" side:

and, of course, the "i'm an artiste" side:

another addition to the life list!