Friday, August 29, 2008

flash lights : the month in celebrity inspiration

things i've noticed in celebrity style this month:

oh dear holy christ.
i didn't think he could get hotter.

and i'm not even into the fuzzy wuzzy.

but dayum.  time to load for bear.


this is why we love the posh.

sure, it's los angeles in the summer.

sure, she's just wearing skinny denim and a long tee.

but she adds the crucial fur chubby
that makes it her own.


(is it disturbing to anyone that i have all of the things she's wearing, but my coat is LONGER?)

(me either.)


meet karla,
of karla's kloset (click on it to go visit her),
she's probably the chicest little birdie i've found on the web,
she's a local,
and she's just got

she and ashley furnival should be BFF's.  maybe they already are.

i have a gay crush on her.  big time.

and finally :

i know, i know.

but i hadn't seen these pics, and now i get the whole "kid" thing.

apparently, having them makes you look like this,
and makes testino want to photograph you and put you in his book.

that's what i'm supposed to learn from celebrities, right?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

the perfect "profile" pic -

a paul mccobb wingback,
a sunny bay window,
and my heartbeat . . . grr.

coming soon to a theatre near you:

i'm sorry,
but this BEGS to be a movie poster.

either a buddy movie,
or a period drama.

i don't know.

any thoughts on titles?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

nicole ferrin finds beauty everywhere -

i first met nicole in my ad agency days,
where she was an account exec, and i was a copywriter,
and we were working on,
of all things,
boca burgers.

we did some suprisingly beautiful work for them,
shooting over an extended easter week in miami,
and sneaking in long rides on her father's boat,
eating out when blue door was still big,
and generally laughing and exploring and talking and growing.

now, nicole has headed into art,
and as i figure out my next world,
we've recrossed paths, and she's sent images of her recent time in berlin:

she has truly found art,
brava, beautiful!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

RE - grouping : nobu los angeles, a stylist, and a connie bang

all i can say about NOBU in los angeles,
is that if you take insanely delicious food
a loud (maybe too loud?) and glittering environment (though maybe a bit too vast?)
and sprinkle in eddie shacknow and his humor,
connie bang and her love of the lens,
and tim and his new scorpion beaded polo . . .

well, it's the best kind of belated
a birthday can be.

even if they mis-spell your name.

i mean, they even got the colors worked out right!

Monday, August 25, 2008

the six chicest things about august

let's start inside.
this couple turned their home into a perfect pale palace for their art collection.
when one of their artists (they own galleries),
Austrian artist Otto Zitko,
was over for dinner,
they asked him to do a piece ON their walls.

after looking around, he apparently decided the only place worthy
was the ceiling.
he turned on the wagner, picked up his grease pencil,
and voila.

so very chic, it makes our list at number 1.

number 2,
that's from our friends over at bottega veneta,
who have decided that this little number, now in crocodile,
is a staple in a man's wardrobe:

oh yeah.
i'm wet.

pulling in fast at number 3
(even with the unfortunate relative timing of that phrase to the last one)
is one of my new favorite photographers,
Slava Mogutin
who shoots erotic eastern european skinheads,
and amazing random shots :

come on!
boys in gucci bags!
pit bulls!
and the last photo is called . . .
sock monkey!

come on!  j'adore!!

number 4:

the website
where i've been playing around, meeting new faces,
and being impressed by people's individual style.

it led to the creation of the new blog,
and tons of new inspiration,
and that's always pretty chic.

number 5 is the new line of underwear from the denim brand ACNE:

and number 6,
in a suprise last minute squeak-in,
is mary kate on the cover of british ELLE.

take a look.  be surprised: