Wednesday, August 27, 2008

nicole ferrin finds beauty everywhere -

i first met nicole in my ad agency days,
where she was an account exec, and i was a copywriter,
and we were working on,
of all things,
boca burgers.

we did some suprisingly beautiful work for them,
shooting over an extended easter week in miami,
and sneaking in long rides on her father's boat,
eating out when blue door was still big,
and generally laughing and exploring and talking and growing.

now, nicole has headed into art,
and as i figure out my next world,
we've recrossed paths, and she's sent images of her recent time in berlin:

she has truly found art,
brava, beautiful!


Michael said...

Mmmm, the orange. Like Hillary's tangerine pantsuit. What? Oh, c'mon, she looked great.

Doug said...

I met Nicole at CU in History of the Vietnam War and its Legacy. In such a serious class, I was struck by her beauty, her hands, always moving, not only taking notes...but pouring these incredible sketches as if flowing directly from her mind to the tips of her fingers.

After CU we moved to Dallas, via Chicago, and the start of that ad agency gig. When we parted, me to skim her to follow her career, we lost touch. Now to find her pursuing her true self and letting the beauty of her art meet the beauty of her mind, is true beauty.