Friday, August 29, 2008

flash lights : the month in celebrity inspiration

things i've noticed in celebrity style this month:

oh dear holy christ.
i didn't think he could get hotter.

and i'm not even into the fuzzy wuzzy.

but dayum.  time to load for bear.


this is why we love the posh.

sure, it's los angeles in the summer.

sure, she's just wearing skinny denim and a long tee.

but she adds the crucial fur chubby
that makes it her own.


(is it disturbing to anyone that i have all of the things she's wearing, but my coat is LONGER?)

(me either.)


meet karla,
of karla's kloset (click on it to go visit her),
she's probably the chicest little birdie i've found on the web,
she's a local,
and she's just got

she and ashley furnival should be BFF's.  maybe they already are.

i have a gay crush on her.  big time.

and finally :

i know, i know.

but i hadn't seen these pics, and now i get the whole "kid" thing.

apparently, having them makes you look like this,
and makes testino want to photograph you and put you in his book.

that's what i'm supposed to learn from celebrities, right?


Zakuro said...

i like "Bear Daniel Craig" a lot and want him to wear casual and resort style;)

too hot in LA if we wear like Victoria?

Karla looks really chic!
i love her third and fifth pic.

karla said...

ahhh you're fabulous... like super fabulous.