Friday, April 10, 2009

reasons for the ABBEY, west hollywood -

let's start with the fact that this bar
is not a bar like "cheers" was a bar.
"cheers" did not have brazilian go go boys.
let's just say it's a sunny little spot,
that's huge.
where one sunday you can meet your friends from out of town
to recover from the party the night before:
and the next sunday, 
you can simply commandeer a booth
thanks to your friend eduardo,
and soak up the sun:
the boys passing by:
and after enough don julio,
just be thankful.
for sun.  and boys passing by. and fries.
and your own boys,
settled in,
basking at the abbey.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

the "weapons project" begins -

it started as a simple get together,
friends we knew,
people with diverse talents
that we felt could compliment each others gifts.
a chance to connect on a smaller scale.
so we brought eduardo:
and brandon:
and jo:
and ashley:
together under grr's watchful gaze:
what evolved,
over tim's insane menu
of puff pastry stuffed with lamb and turnips,
jalapeno soy braised broccolini,
and chocolate lava cakes,
was a project that we ALL get to collaborate on.
something secret
code named
"the weapons project".
it's still in the very early stages,
but it's the first time i get to collaborate
purely on an artistic level
with people i admire
and am thrilled to explore with.
more as this develops . . .

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

intentionally cruel post intended to make you jealous, 2 -

so there i was,
minding my own business,
waiting for the phone to ring with boundless amounts of new business
and i heard a truck pull up out front:
and yes, it was like christmas.
seriously, how cool is that little door?
it's like some kind of sick advent calendar.
unwrapping was soooo coool!
and oh yes.
it gets topless.
maybe NOW some of you will come visit l.a.