Thursday, April 9, 2009

the "weapons project" begins -

it started as a simple get together,
friends we knew,
people with diverse talents
that we felt could compliment each others gifts.
a chance to connect on a smaller scale.
so we brought eduardo:
and brandon:
and jo:
and ashley:
together under grr's watchful gaze:
what evolved,
over tim's insane menu
of puff pastry stuffed with lamb and turnips,
jalapeno soy braised broccolini,
and chocolate lava cakes,
was a project that we ALL get to collaborate on.
something secret
code named
"the weapons project".
it's still in the very early stages,
but it's the first time i get to collaborate
purely on an artistic level
with people i admire
and am thrilled to explore with.
more as this develops . . .

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