Friday, November 7, 2008

glamour and friendship go hand in hand -

we should date.

or loan our genes to each other for something . . .

Thursday, November 6, 2008

hangin at the supply and demand offices, the new stomping grounds -

that odd los angeles light over the hills,
the filtered light outside the building,
and a budding director with a big ego and a camera.

uh oh.

i wish i didn't like me so.

me, i just can't quit you.


gordon ramsay at the london, evelyn lee and landis smithers, too . . .

i was in l.a.

evie was in l.a.

we went to a party, and ended up at the restaurant in the london hotel,
gordon ramsay's new place,
and let's say,

unrealistically out of place sushi.

three friends getting to know each other,
evie, me, and evie's high school room-mate marisa:

nothing beats a candle-lit los angeles night.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

peace be with you.

when i grew up in the episcopal church
there was a time in each service where we turned to one another,
and no matter our differences,
clasped hands.

clasped hands across the backs of pews,
across aisles,
across the petty and the profane,
and spoke these words:

"peace be with you."

"and also with you."

no matter your beliefs,
your fears,
or your preferences in a voting booth yesterday,
as i sat in a hotel room in sao paulo, brazil
last night,
watching barack obama
enter history,
i could only think of this time.

and saying to you,
each of you,
every one of you,
across every aisle we have between us:


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

RE-GROUPING : paul and jennifer norman at campanile

on our last trip down,
grabbed my number one,
my first a.d.,
my patient and funny friend,
and his jaw droppingly gorgeous wife, jennifer,
and frittered away an evening at hollywood classic restaurant,

ah, when new people enter your life,
you never know where they will join you.

or lead you.

i woke to argentine air, in a palacio. i dreamt of a purple state.

for those of you in the states,
go make my dream a reality.

purple is blue.  with red mixed in.

Monday, November 3, 2008

the london hotel, west hollywood, our home away from home . . .

with all the travel i've been doing down to los angeles recently
(and now that you guys know why)
i have to recommend the london hotel.

it's like stepping into a technicolor black and white movie.

a swirling twenties madcap romance and a noir angelina jolie thriller.

it's parquetry and gold leather and chrome and suede walls and white roses and mint green.

it's rooftop pools and tim in dark glasses and gordon ramsay sushi
and the NICEST valet parking in all of los angeles.

it's escape.

even in the middle of all of our change.