Monday, November 3, 2008

the london hotel, west hollywood, our home away from home . . .

with all the travel i've been doing down to los angeles recently
(and now that you guys know why)
i have to recommend the london hotel.

it's like stepping into a technicolor black and white movie.

a swirling twenties madcap romance and a noir angelina jolie thriller.

it's parquetry and gold leather and chrome and suede walls and white roses and mint green.

it's rooftop pools and tim in dark glasses and gordon ramsay sushi
and the NICEST valet parking in all of los angeles.

it's escape.

even in the middle of all of our change.


Anonymous said...

I'm sad now. I want your life. I think I can't keep visiting this way.

designerman said...

ok - just how many pair of those *#@^%% lanvin trainers do you have?

i know there is a purple (or magenta) pair, these snad colored pair in the the photo...

fess up.