Wednesday, June 24, 2009

somewhere in the abbey, west hollywood, after gay pride -

i think from the previous post 
we have firmly established my penchance for tequila during large festivities,
so let's just move along to the rest of the day, 
shall we?
yes, we shall.
here we see the traditional "parade of the innocents" towards the festival.
no, i'm not sure how luke got in there.
krissy, put down the phone.  you're at a parade.
and you have a drink in your hand.
so we got confused at san vicente:
i think i saw feathers and just followed them:
this was the random part.
however, we ended up under the open sky of the abbey:
some of us more amused than others.
i have no words.
norse god of mischief.  appropriate.
yes, i remember that.
do NOT remember the CSI evidence shot:
don't remember her:
TOTALLY remember him.
i gave him money.  scholarship money:
hmmm.  more randomness:
all i know is,
by the end of THIS day, 
i almost asked a nurse for help getting home

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

eduardo xol throws a mean cookout -

our friend eduardo xol
had a little outside grill recently,
and as we were all pre-pride parade,
we needed the sustenance to survive the march.
the march being "the walk from our place to the abbey".
jim was happy.
i was too, but i blame the tequila.
cute guys everywhere.
in the window, in the yard.
tim was either trying to document a precious moment,
or hold me up.
again, i blame the tequila.
there's our gracious host.
nice sunglasses.
(i blame the tequila.)
i also loves me some gabriela tamayo.  girl's got style.
like krissy's "flame dame" tee.
then, there was this pic.
which i don't remember taking.
i was very impressed with myself.
again.  tequila.
almost ashamed.
eduardo lucero shows up,
we rally the troops,
and head out.
i don't know where i was,
but thankfully tim remembered to bring luke.
i blame the . . . you get it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

erotic city -

so, we love new experiences.
and manacop had just had a reaaaallly long day with a certain un-named on-set diva.
so we all got up the energy,
ran downtown,
and went to the 
connie was dying to be
the "center of attention".
her name is CONNIE BANG.
it begs to be a reality, right?  BEGS for it.
and, look at michael's face when he met jessica and keilani.
he's like a little boy at christmas.
or, you know, when he opens a porn video.
and timmer?
tim was PRICELESS.
his face was insane.  it was like he kept trying to put it all together in his head.
as for me,
i was just happy that i could wear my leather leggings.
i was not alone that night,
but (snob alert)
mine were givenchy.
and yet no one asked me to be in a movie.
so much talent, so little time.