Friday, March 13, 2009

the 6 chicest things about march -

bit of a slow month here on the "chic" front.
forgive, please.
some of this may seem . . . repetitive.
in "these economic times"
i have become obsessive,
and consistent.

a new find,
the shoe label augustus
with a stunning assortment of roughed-up
reverse calf, hand dyed men's shoes
the sudden advent of rick owens
as seen in fur on the backs of influential fashion editors
(along with a rather glowing, gushy review of his fall line on,
acknowledging that the younger generation "gets" his vision,
his wearability, and his brilliance with cut
that works on all body shapes and lifestyles,
regardless of runway theatrics)
but really,
when carine roitfeld wears you
(how much do you LOVE the bandaid on the knee with the forty thousand dollar fur?)
you're IT.
walking past a garage and spotting an older version of my car,
just back from being repainted.
the owner wanted to match the color from his VHS copy
of goldfinger,
which had faded down the original color to this:
navy leather interior.
shiver.  and sigh.
another reason to love this city.
tim walked to register our cars,
and passed a lot where props from True Blood
were being unloaded.
including this!
how much YOUNGER does tilda swinton look
vs. kate moss?
how COOL is that?
you all scoffed when i predicted
men in leggings over on emascul8 last season.
you cringed when i mentioned the possibility of leather.
at the tuileries,

Thursday, March 12, 2009

what do you wake up next to?

they say what you find on a person's bedside table
will tell you about their comforts
and their fears.
what they need near them
and what they most desire.
i keep a few things,
and some find their way to my side of the bed.
this week:
a pair of tim's cufflinks,
that seemed sweetly appropriate for our topsy turvy love.
the carved ivory chinese zodiac ball
my mother and sister got me one christmas.
the whole world,
karma and love and retribution and balance,
in one palm sized ball.
and the essential totem of tim and grr.
how about you?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

living in neutral -

someone recently told me
that i lived my life in neutrals.
i vehemently
after all,
i believe in very very very colorful . . .

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

intentionally cruel post intended to make you jealous -

just had to thank my husband,
timothy michael thaddeus francis johnson,
bringing me violet roses on a tuesday,
literally because they reminded him of a lanvin piece i had shown him online.
he said
"look, honey, lanvin roses!"
and for:
the heirloom tomato salad with not one,
but two kinds of bleu cheese
(point reyes and stilton)
and fresh basil.
because i said i wanted bleu cheese.
and for this:
now that's a killer smile.