Friday, March 13, 2009

the 6 chicest things about march -

bit of a slow month here on the "chic" front.
forgive, please.
some of this may seem . . . repetitive.
in "these economic times"
i have become obsessive,
and consistent.

a new find,
the shoe label augustus
with a stunning assortment of roughed-up
reverse calf, hand dyed men's shoes
the sudden advent of rick owens
as seen in fur on the backs of influential fashion editors
(along with a rather glowing, gushy review of his fall line on,
acknowledging that the younger generation "gets" his vision,
his wearability, and his brilliance with cut
that works on all body shapes and lifestyles,
regardless of runway theatrics)
but really,
when carine roitfeld wears you
(how much do you LOVE the bandaid on the knee with the forty thousand dollar fur?)
you're IT.
walking past a garage and spotting an older version of my car,
just back from being repainted.
the owner wanted to match the color from his VHS copy
of goldfinger,
which had faded down the original color to this:
navy leather interior.
shiver.  and sigh.
another reason to love this city.
tim walked to register our cars,
and passed a lot where props from True Blood
were being unloaded.
including this!
how much YOUNGER does tilda swinton look
vs. kate moss?
how COOL is that?
you all scoffed when i predicted
men in leggings over on emascul8 last season.
you cringed when i mentioned the possibility of leather.
at the tuileries,


-h said...

oh wow that car is really incredible. now im reminded of the scene where Odd Job crushes the golf ball...
and i dont know what happened to kate moss, it just seemed like all of a sudden last year she aged about 10 years. but she does look pretty good in that picture.

cristy gods eyes said...

The shoes and leather leggings… something I like to call total antidisestablishmentarianism. Love Corines bandaid as accessory. Will Conde Nast please kick Anna to the curb and give Corine the rag already? The roses from Tuesday are on my media wall, the color is beyond, and Tim, yeah, I would tap that ass too.

Landis said...

and the award for best commentary of the week . . . cristy, from her ivory tower of solitude, somewhere across the pond. i picture it like a modern-day tintagel, complete with guardians in the lake. perhaps in galliano's underwater themed couture from a few seasons back . . .

and tim thanks you.

Jerryjeff said...

I cream in my own 1954 501's from Christy's comments, but the comment of the week? If I wasn't so jealous I'd take my over sized comme de garcon classic white button down (supposedly stitched by Rei herself) and splash red paint all over it to express my heart on my sleeve. She aspires to dress like Don Johnson circa 1984. But, I love her. Her insight into her own workings and how she mirrors the gestalt of the planet.
The reverse calf boot makes me want to kick my own ass.
Did you hear about the super model wanna be riot that happened in NY today? What kind of train wreck is that? Kisses, JJ

Iheartfashion said...

Snejana in Rick Owens is divine.
And that car! Navy leather interior? Really!? *SWOON*

stacy said...

yes tilda skin looks as smooth as a baby's bottom but kate - oh how sexy is kate?

cristy gods eyes said...

I am wetting my panties! I cant believe it…moi? Commentary of the week? Comment puis-je peut-être dire merci pour votre gentillesse et reconnaissance? People have always told me I am an elitest and I have always thought it was pretty obvious, but now I feel as though I own it. GODSEYES.
Please be advised that I will now refer to myself as GODSEYES SUPERNOVA. It is only fitting, isn’t it? I mean don’t you think? I also want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to Jerryjeff. Luv ya sexy bitch but check the spelling…it is Cristy not Christy. My parents taught me from before I could even spell that there is no CHRIST in me. The beauty of real conversations on non existent telephones. A cubic masterpiece before Picasso came along and blew the shit up. And I’m gone. I’m turning all Tourettic.