Monday, March 16, 2009

the ALUMI charity after party -

our friend eduardo has been running a charity called ALUMI
which helps at risk students by introducing them to the arts.
we went to their event which involved auctions and live music . . .
and oh yeah,
an after party.
that's our OTHER new friend eduardo,
eduardo lucero,
the designer.
not, obviously, designing.
tim and i were representing the dogs in color palette
our host for the evening:
(a total ham for the camera, by the way.  not that we'd know anything about that problem.)
YES, we were dancing.
just another thursday night in l.a.


Rene Schaller said...

i like your style, beige with gray is amazing... thanks for that inspiration.

best from berlin

Whiskeymarie said...

Everyone looks so tan and glowy and put-together. Gorgeous.
Oh, how I've missed the sun- thank goodness for spring (something we have to say in MN as we only just got out of our perma-frost.)

cristy gods eyes said...

eduardo lucero is chillin like a vaudevillian castillian riding a million brazilians using a vermillion pillion in a pavilion...

cristy gods eyes said...

x a trillion bazillions

landis said...

well at least we were'nt gellin like magellan.

Jerryjeff said...

eduardo lucero, no bolero but lots of dinero, eating farro and taro with the marrow. Do you dare- oh? ru my hero? The beige you wear.....oh!

Landis said...

oh look.

you've all decided to start rhyming.


Ms. Butta-fly said...

This color is fantastic on you!

Ok that's it, I'm done sweating over your blog!

Landis said...

sweat duly noted. and appreciated, love.