Wednesday, March 18, 2009

on eating out : "bliends" who can cook are a very special find

i credit ms. gretchen,
who no longer blogs
(sad smiley face)
with the term "bliends".
"bliends" are people with whom  you have an almost intimate connection through blogging,
yet have never met in person,
and may never meet in your life.
you may share daily stories, 
banter in the comment sections,
or merely flirt around the edges,
but i have found these people to be a gift in my life,
providing what my mother often called
"the unexpected comfort of strangers"
to me over and over.
imagine the fun of getting to meet in person.
no, seriously, jim and lyle are SO much fun in person.
i don't care what those other blogs say.
we met up as a four-top at comme ca the first time,
with this fortuitous quote
to carry us through the french 75s and foie gras:
fortuitous because the darlings are off to paris in a few weeks,
and french 75s because,
they were there.
a few weeks later,
we got invited to their home,
where lyle went crazy in the kitchen.
and by crazy,
i mean (brace yourself here)
foie gras macaroons.
uh huh.
here's the menu:
foie gras macaroons, 
duck confit with lentils & fig balsamic reduction, 
pork porterhouse with Sauteed potatoes, apples and pears 
and for dessert (OMG) vanilla pot au creme with chocolate biscuits.
pretty home with spotted puppies
cute new dinner companions
and a sense of humor about my incessant pic taking.
besos, blog world!


Iheartfashion said...

Fois gras macaroons!? Really?
Wish I lived closer...

cristy gods eyes said...

The macaroons on the tray are a Lisa Rinna smiley face. Look at it. I like the picture of the big white cats with black spots painted on them. The picture of you and tim is perfect!

Jerryjeff said...

cristy with no christ
wearing white, yet no Brahman
she shares how she is elitist
and so proud of her achievement

foie gras macaroons
stuffing ducks with food in balloons
gods eyes, supernova?
that seksy bitch you gotta love her

charlie chaplin loved by many
gene shalit, dakota fanning
mustache men super hot
rub while eating- love a lot

go to france with your bliends shopping
bistro hopping and fabuleux bopping
moveable feast and unexpected comforts
use your cream, don't want no warts

don't like to beg, don't like to gravel
but please consider me your marvel
maybe not for the week, but just for a day
the best commentary would make me gay

Jim said...

I know those guys. They're alright.