Saturday, February 9, 2008

this is my homework:

i read. a lot. of magazines. and cut them. into little. pieces. and keep them. in. piles.

think of it as the front part
of the large intestinal tract
that ends up with television commercials, print, etc.

pretty image, right?

i have a gift.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

finding my way home -

i've been gone more than i've been here.
sometimes, it felt a little like i was set adrift.
like perhaps i would need some direction
after being sent to buenos aires and then so swiftly to new york.

then, i was back in the bay area.

and the girls were all over me, ALL over me, howling,
manic, furious, eager, forlorn.
i deserved it.
they were merely acting out what we were all feeling.

we got here:

i wish i could take them, and tim, with me. every time.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

freeman's club, the last night's dinner -

ah, outside editorial people . . . how i adore thee.
you take me to fabulous restaurants down long and dingy alleys where only the hippest of the new yorkians venture. and there, amidst the hieroglyphs, my ultimate childhood fear manifested itself in the grafitti.
and it is angry, and an army as well!

thank god i was wearing sable.
all the better to prevent my own face from falling off.
(that was a fembot reference. don't get it? look it up.
i'm not your cultural majordomo, people, i am merely a channel for my own obscurity.)

but once inside,
it was cozy.
it was warm.
it was distinctly english country manor, a la gosford park . . .

neil, editor extreme, sara fisher (god, you should know HER by now. she's always popping up at the last minute in pics on here. . . ), and jeff ferruzzo, our editor/travel buddy, who was with us in argentina and set the look of all the episodes.

watch him, sarah. he's slippery.

look at them. just amused by it all. evil.

oh, jaime. maestro of our new graphics. mister motion graphics-fantastic.
watch jeff's hands.
he is not to be trusted.

alright. everyone calm down. i have posession of the "sila sawyer". the mastermind. she who holds the keys to the crew.

and that's how it all ended well.
see? happy endings all round.

i love a good story, don't you? yes, yes you do.
now go get me a drink. in a coupe.

look it up.

editing done right : Outside Editorial style -

perhaps it's the high tea. with scones. and agave syrup.
did you even know there was such a thing as agave syrup?
nor did i.
ah, knowledge.

between sessions of color correcting and more intense editing
(note spooky connie in background. i think she was channeling.
i HATE when she does that scary-ghost-child-from-the grudge-thing. hate it.)

the sunlight and food from kelly & ping's worked it's magic.

see? even the images came back happier:

i think we agreed. they know what they're doing on every level.
wait til you see their actual edit work!

that's it. everyone wave hi to todd!

Monday, February 4, 2008

dinner at The Monday Room -

richard and sara insisted. INSISTED.

so we HAD to go out to dinner with them to The Monday Room,
which is a side restaurant that one of my favorite nyc restaurants, Public, recently opened.
think, "go in main restaurant, take left into tiny side room, eat food".

the food is kind of "high" tapas, bits and pieces of yum with sides of "argh" and just a soupcon of "mwah". mix in a couple bottles of champagne, and the evening was good to go:

helps that the booths were tight. and so were we.

we were then ripe for some late night window shopping:

oh lord. i just realized what the grafitti says under the window. nice.
i must still be drunk.

anyway, we wandered through nolita,
and as usual,i had my stalkers.

in the end, i just decided to follow connie home.
to the hotel, you pervs. the hotel.

wait. that didn't sound any better.

never mind. i must still be drunk.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

teatime at Chandelier Creative -

oh god. this is going to sound SO pretentious. i mean, brace yourself, i'm goin on a bender here.

richard bought this silver tea service in buenos aires, and, well, we all went over to his offices to break it in. 'cause, you know, it's only proper. to break in the argentine silver tea service.

richard and sara continue to suprise us with their uncanny likeness with eighties pop culture icons. i mean, hart to hart? they are one mercedes convertible away.

the chandelier office is pretty great, too. i mean, it has it's own plane:

and a horse. lamp. horse-lamp.