Tuesday, February 5, 2008

freeman's club, the last night's dinner -

ah, outside editorial people . . . how i adore thee.
you take me to fabulous restaurants down long and dingy alleys where only the hippest of the new yorkians venture. and there, amidst the hieroglyphs, my ultimate childhood fear manifested itself in the grafitti.
and it is angry, and an army as well!

thank god i was wearing sable.
all the better to prevent my own face from falling off.
(that was a fembot reference. don't get it? look it up.
i'm not your cultural majordomo, people, i am merely a channel for my own obscurity.)

but once inside,
it was cozy.
it was warm.
it was distinctly english country manor, a la gosford park . . .

neil, editor extreme, sara fisher (god, you should know HER by now. she's always popping up at the last minute in pics on here. . . ), and jeff ferruzzo, our editor/travel buddy, who was with us in argentina and set the look of all the episodes.

watch him, sarah. he's slippery.

look at them. just amused by it all. evil.

oh, jaime. maestro of our new graphics. mister motion graphics-fantastic.
watch jeff's hands.
he is not to be trusted.

alright. everyone calm down. i have posession of the "sila sawyer". the mastermind. she who holds the keys to the crew.

and that's how it all ended well.
see? happy endings all round.

i love a good story, don't you? yes, yes you do.
now go get me a drink. in a coupe.

look it up.


TravelGretta said...

You are so darned cute. Avec hat. Sans hat. Argentina, New York. Whatevs.

moi said...

I'm not your cultural majordomo, people, i am merely a channel for my own obscurity.

I simply must have that emblazoned on a tee shirt. Either that, or nick it, with permission and due reference of course, for Moi's own blob header.

Iheartfashion said...

You make me want your job. Looks like you and your peeps have so much fun.