Thursday, May 7, 2009

when pit bulls attack -

they sneak up on you . . .
they get really close to your jugular . . .
and they nuzzle with all their might.
before retiring to their lair,
to chuckle with evil glee

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

messages from the past -

we've been through a lot,
this man and i.
he stumbled over this tee shirt a few weeks ago,
and asked why i never had worn it.
"because i bought it for YOU, two years ago," i replied.
"i thought you bought it for me, for you."
sometimes sentiment
is more powerful than words.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MATADOR : Eduardo Lucero at the museum of latin american art

last week,
tim and i drove to long beach.
where the hell is long beach, you ask?
i still have no idea,
but we went, in order to support a new friend,
the designer eduardo lucero,
who was being honored by the museum of latin american art.
the event required a certain polish of dress
that you can imagine tim and i were loathe to rise to:
eduardo had used the art of the museum
to inspire the whole runway,
hand crafting every outfit to reflect a modern vision of the art,
diverse and distinct.
i don't think it's going too far to say
that his show felt like an american gaultier,
or a latin galliano.
there were stunning ballet inspired moments:
beautiful languid passages of hand beaded black,
toreador fringed and lace paneled,
sexual and ecclesiastic at the same time:
a good example of the art to inspiration to runway moment:
this exit brought people to their feet.
lucero also uses a broader range of figures for his models,
which proved stunning in this red exit:
and my favorite, by far,
was his "cage" dress in gray:
click on any of the images to see them larger.
but the best part for me,
was that this modest man and new friend
has asked me to collaborate with him 
and film these pieces.
so we are off and running.
crazy fashion film on it's way, my loves.
think bulls and boys and gowns and dust and . . . 
well, you'll see.

Monday, May 4, 2009

beetlegeuse, beetlegeuse, beetle juice -

for a long time in our history,
we used to be followed by ladybugs.
no kidding.
they would swarm onto our lawn one random sunny sunday, covering us,
literally hundreds of them all at once.
they would walk across our pillows in the morning as we were waking up.
they would appear in union pier,
in the winter,
in a store where we were walking with erin and paul.
they would show up on a windshield in san francisco
just before a big shoot.
they were our harbingers of change,
for after they appeared,
our lives shifted,
she showed up last week, on our doorstep.
i can't wait.