Monday, May 4, 2009

beetlegeuse, beetlegeuse, beetle juice -

for a long time in our history,
we used to be followed by ladybugs.
no kidding.
they would swarm onto our lawn one random sunny sunday, covering us,
literally hundreds of them all at once.
they would walk across our pillows in the morning as we were waking up.
they would appear in union pier,
in the winter,
in a store where we were walking with erin and paul.
they would show up on a windshield in san francisco
just before a big shoot.
they were our harbingers of change,
for after they appeared,
our lives shifted,
she showed up last week, on our doorstep.
i can't wait.


Alicia said...

You two are on the way to Iowa?!
I'll have a cake ready when you get here. :)

Jim said...

You're not moving? Oh no, you're NOT!

Landis said...

no no no. no moving. just signs of happy change coming up. what exactly? the ladybugs don't tell . . .

Whiskeymarie said...

Are you pregnant?